Women's sport: Ricky investigates why it's not on TV

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Women's sport is growing really fast - but there doesn't seem to be that much of it shown on the television!

Most of the sport on TV is men's football, men's cricket, racing, tennis, rugby and boxing. Ricky's been finding out more...

Ricky looked at a TV guide and noticed there was about five times more men's sport than women's on the main BBC and Sky channels.

It seems that although female football is the faster growing sport - it doesn't make as much money as men's so it doesn't get the air time!

Ricky went to visit the Arsenal ladies. They are the most successful team in the women's league. But how many times have you seen them playing a match on your TV screens?

Probably never - but that's about to change with the Football Association's creation of the Women's Super League.

It will feature teams like Arsenal, Everton and Liverpool - but it won't be for free!

There are hopes this new league will help highlight the popularity of women's football - and even get the best bits of the match shown on programmes like Match of The Day.