Chat: Are handwriting lessons important?

Last updated at 06:22
Children writing

Kids living in Indiana in America don't have to do handwriting lessons anymore.

That's because experts there think it's more important for children to know how to type on computers.

Some people aren't happy about this because they think learning to write is important. So we want to know what you think.

Does your school still teach handwriting?

Do you think it's a good idea to be taught joined-up writing or do you want to be left to write in your own way? Is knowing how to type more important?

Whatever your thoughts, let us know!

Your comments

"My school still teaches handwriting, but less and less every week. I think handwriting is an OK skill to have, but you don't need to learn it. I think that schools should teach handwriting sometimes but not all the time."

Catriona, 10

"Yes, because it's helpful to have good handwriting when you need to write something, and no, because computers can be used to type quicker. Plus... computers are the future! But I think you still should learn handwriting because you can't use a computer when you're doing an exam!"

Kiran, 8

"Handwriting is important, but so is typing! I think children should have a choice of which one they want to do."

Wavey, 11

"Handwriting is a really good skill to have! In my primary school we had to learn how to write in joined up writing and I thought it was a waste of time... but it's really helped my presentation marks in tests and projects at school."

Lucy, 12

"My primary school taught us handwriting. I reckon it's important because if you grow up to have a job where you need to write lots, it's good to know how! But, I do think computers should be taught a little bit more too."

Jenny, 12

"I think that handwriting lessons are really important because you'll be better at English if you practise your handwriting. You can't use a computer for everything!"

Kevin, 13

"My school still teach handwriting lessons and I think it's important. You can't type a cheque can you?! I think handwriting is an important skill and you'll have a better chance of getting a job if you can write."

Hannah, 10

"I agree that you should be taught how to type... but I think handwriting lessons should not be replaced by typing lessons."

Chaz, 11

"I think you should have hand writing lessons because your handwriting is what makes you unique!"

Abbie, 12

"My school do teach joined-up writing. I think it's a good idea because I think it looks better than normal writing. If I had the choice I would probably choose normal writing as it's quicker and a lot easier!"

Kaite, 11

"Handwriting lessons are important because it improves your handwriting. And you will be able to write more neater. I really enjoy handwriting lessons."

Sarah, 11

"I think handwriting is more important than being able to type on a computer because you don't do your SATs or GCSEs on a computer do you?"

Emily, 10

"YES!! Handwriting is very important. Without it I could not write letters to my grandma who does not have a computer! I could not fill in forms, job applications, questionnaires, birthday and Christmas cards, comments leaflets in shops etc and many other things. AND what happens when my computer breaks down or we have an electricity blackout?"

Hollie, 12

"We do learn handwriting at our school. We can't have a computer at every lesson. Also, it gives me better control of my hand for art etc."

Radya, 11

"Handwriting SHOULD be taught. You do a lot of typing but you need to be able to write well enough for other people to read it. It is scientifically proven that it is easier to memorise a document if you have handwritten it rather, than typed it."

Ella, 11

"I think that it's good to learn how to write properly because you might need it in future jobs."

Millie, 13

"I don't think they should scrap handwriting lessons because people need to be able to write neatly. Also, I didn't have typing lessons and I can type quickly and easily - you pick it up and don't need them!"

Emily, 12

"It is not a good idea to not have handwriting lessons because as children grow up they'll need to be able to write neatly e.g. when they do their GCSEs, so that the exam markers can understand their writing!"

Jakirul, 11

"My school doesn't have handwriting lessons because of the amount of work we do on our laptops and computers. It's a new generation and hardly anyone writes letters anymore - it's all about email and phones!"

Shannon, 13

"In my primary school we had to write all joined up and if we got it wrong then we got told off! I think you should still get taught on handwriting as it's a big part of who we are. Typing is getting more important but I don't think handwriting should be replaced for typing lessons!"

Becky, 12

"Their handwriting will be very messy and poor- then people won't be able to understand their writing."

Safa, 12

"I think everyone should write on computers because it's faster."

Maisie, 11

"Of course!! Even though we use computers, you definitely need to write in future life!! My school teaches Year 5 (the youngest kids) handwriting, I think we all should get taught it!"

Charlie-Linda, 13

"I think that its a good thing because if you don't know how to use a computer you can't get anywhere."

Erin, 12

"I think you should be able to write how you want, but still be taught joined up handwriting so you can choose."

James, 12

"I think it's important to learn how to write, but we should be learning ICT skills and typing too, because computers and gadgets are very popular and are used in most jobs and public buildings."

Sarah, 10

"I think they shouldn't scrap handwriting lessons because people need to be able to write neatly. Also I didn't have typing lessons and I can type quickly and easily, you pick it up!!"

Emily, 12

"I think we should keep handwriting as a lesson at school. We have best books where we have to do our best pieces of writing."

Laura, 9

"Handwriting is important! In China handwriting skills are even more important than in other countries- handwritten Chinese words look more beautiful than words typed on computers."

Duan, 10