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Colourful butterflies to look out for this summer

Check out the colourful creatures that Butterfly Conservation wants you to look out for!
People across the country are being asked to head outside and see what butterflies they can spot. This one's called a Peacock.
Peacock butterfly
Here's a Small Copper. As part of the Big Butterfly Count, there are 19 types of butterflies to watch out for, including the ones in this gallery.
Small Copper butterfly
It's to check whether numbers of the colourful creatures have been hit by the recent hot, dry spring. This one's a Large White.
Large white butterfly
And it's not just butterflies - there are two day-flying moths to watch out for too like this Silver Y.
Silver Y moth
This Holly Blue is the blue butterfly that you're most likely to find in your garden.
Holly blue butterfly
The Red Admiral in this pic used to migrate from Africa but now lives in the UK - possibly due to climate change.
Red admiral butterfly
This is a Painted Lady butterfly - it arrives here every year after flying all the way from Europe.
Painted lady butterfly
And this one likes to live in hedgerows, so is often spotted around gates - that's why it's called a Gatekeeper.
Gatekeeper butterfly
But look carefully to figure out which type you've spotted - blue marks on the wing edges is a difference between this Small Tortoiseshell butterfly and the Painted Lady.
Small tortoiseshell butterfly