What should Will and Kate do with their time off?

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Having just finished a big tour of Canada and America, Will and Kate are cutting down on their royal duties for the rest of this year.

As well as spending quality time together, it means Will can concentrate on his job as a RAF search and rescue pilot and Kate can decide which charities she'll get involved in.

But what else do you think the royal couple should do in their time off?

Any hobbies you think they can take up? Or places they should visit?

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Your comments

"I think they should go on holiday to Glasgow and have peace and quiet!"

Cara, 11

"I think they should come to Ireland on a visit because we are one of the UK's closest neighbours!! They should visit different places from the Queen. I bet nearly all of Ireland were watching the wedding!"

Orla, 12

"Volunteer work with charities perhaps?!"

Helena, 13

"I think they should go to Australia!"

Chloe, 13

"Maybe they could go wild and try out extreme sports like bungee jumping and scuba diving, and take up unusual hobbies like painting, or help the disadvantaged and homeless!"

Cath, 11

"I think they should have a baby - a brand new prince or princess for our country!

Sam, 8

"I think that they should go to the cinema and watch the Royal Wedding on film!"

Amy, 13

"I think they should relax and get away from the media spotlight."

Martha, 12

"William and Kate should enjoy some of the views in England and maybe take part in some traditional festivals and events taking place. Or they could visit children's hospitals and charities."

Lauren, 11

"I think Will and Kate should take up cookery classes and learn about the history of the monarchs from around the world."

Jennifer, 8

"They should go to Paris and be very romantic!"

Hannah, 13

"Maybe raise a family!"

Leona, 13

"I think they should eat out at lots at restaurants and also visit famous landmarks."

Bethany, 11

"I think they should just relax and do bits and pieces now and again. They should get a bit of privacy and just enjoy being newly weds!"

Imaan, 11

"They should go to the different countries that had earthquakes, tsunamis and floods."

Adam, 10

"I think Kate and William should go out for a pizza and then go to a festival in Wales."

Albert, 6

"I think they should spend it swimming in pools all over England!"

Niamh, 10