Inventor shows off musical 'football' AlphaSphere

Last updated at 12:22

It might be one of the weirdest musical instruments you've ever seen but it could be the next big hit with electronic musicians.

It's shaped like a football and has 48 pads that make different sounds when you press them.

You can programme it with drum beats or even musical chords.

Adam Place loved to play electronic styled music but soon grew bored of normal keyboards and came up with the idea of AlphaSphere.

"On a keyboard, the keys are just controllers, they're not really like notes on a piano," he said.

"But with the AlphaSphere, the notes change as you press harder and harder, you really engage with the instrument, and you can perform with it."

Adam hopes when he gets to show it off to friends and other inventors, that his new instrument will be music to their ears.

With big companies coming to see the new instrument, the AlphaSphere might be just what they are looking for as the next big gadget.