East Africa facing hunger 'tragedy'

Last updated at 12:05

There could be an "unimaginable" human tragedy in Somalia, because kids fleeing the drought there are so weak from starvation, say aid officials.

Really dry weather and fighting in the east African country has led to a massive food shortage.

The United Nations estimates almost 2 million Somalis - nearly a quarter of the population - have had to leave their homes to survive.

But many children are dying before they can reach a refugee camp.

The refugees are trying to reach camps in the neighbouring countries of Ethiopia and Kenya.

"It's so extreme," said Melissa Fleming from the UN's refugee agency. "Our people are saying they've never seen anything like it."

One refugee camp in Kenya is seeing 1,400 people arrive every day - many families walk for days to get there.

In some cases, children that make it as far as the camp are so exhausted from the journey that they cannot be saved.

Aid agencies are asking for a total of £93million to help those affected by the drought across the area known as the Horn of Africa.