Chat: Do you prefer watching films at the cinema or at home?

Last updated at 07:01

A company is offering people the chance to watch films on the day of their release... in their own homes.

But WE want to know if YOU would still go to the cinema, even if you could watch the films straight away at home?

Maybe you love the experience of going to the cinema with your friends?

Or perhaps you think the future of films is watching them online or at home?

Whatever you think, we want to know! Get in touch using the form on this page.

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Your comments

"I think it's better to watch at home because there's no mess or waiting, and you can easily get comfortable and pause to get drinks."

Gurshania, 9

"I would rather go to the cinema because it has big screens, professional popcorn, louder speakers, better quality 3D etc."

Mona, 11

"I think going to the cinema is a much better experience- for the extremely large screen, 3D and most importantly, the vast amounts of scrummy popcorn!"

Ciarrah, 12

"I love gong to the cinema, it's a good chance to hang out with your mates."

Lauren, 12

"I think it's better at the cinema because there is surround sound making it feel more real."

Preyash, 9

"Going to the cinema is a great treat - you get to have popcorn and the screen is bigger. But it would be helpful if you could watch new releases at home instead of waiting until they come out on DVD."

Amber, 10

"I'd rather go to the cinema because it's always fun to go with family/friends! I also enjoy the big screens."

Danya, 12

"I think it would be better to watch it at home because you can pause it and you make as much noise as you want!"

Mollie, 10

"I love the cinema, and I think that it's really hard to concentrate on movies at home. I see movies as a day out, not a day in."

David, 11

"It's better in the cinema because I have a big family and it's hard to keep them all quiet!"

La'Raib, 13

"If it was a special occasion I would prefer the cinema instead of watching at home."

Nabeel, 13

"I think it's fun to sit in and watch films because it is expensive to get sweets at the cinema."

Elliott, 12

"I think it would be better to watch at the cinema because you can hear it really loud on a big screen."

Niruja, 12

"I think the cinema is much better than staying at home because you have a better experience."

Grace, 12

"I think it would spoil the experience of going to the cinema, and lots of cinemas would have to close because no one would go to them."

Sophie, 12

"Yeah I agree 'cause some people don't get the chance to go to the cinema much, and I'd like to watch a movie on the day of release at home!"

Beth, 10

"I think that it's a good idea and a bad idea. Everyone who doesn't like going to the cinema can relax at home and watch films, but if you shut down the local cinemas the people who work there will lose their jobs."

Simran, 9

"I think the cinema is better than watching films at home because no one can disturb you."

Mollie, 10

"I think the cinema because you can watch stuff in 3D!"

Courtney, 9

"I think it's better to go to the big screen because it is bigger and better, and it's a treat for some kids."

Rebecca, 11

"Cinema 'cause of the popcorn!"

Lewis, 14

''I like going to the cinema but it would be fun to watch at home sometimes."

Jessica, 13

"I like the cinema because you don't have distractions... but at home you can pause it if you need the loo!!"

Kiran, 8

"I think the cinema is better because you can go with as many people as you want and at the cinema you get more snacks and comfortable seats."

Finlay, 12

"I think it would be cool to watch movies at home."

Kevan, 14

"Watching from the comfort of your own home is ideal but going to the cinema makes you remember the film more and enjoy the experience itself. I would rather go to the cinema as a nice treat."

Caitlin, 14

"They both are good and bad. At home you can pause it if you need the loo but it's not as much of a treat. The cinema is expensive and can be far away although you can hear the movie well and it's got a bigger screen."

Katie, 13

"The cinema is amazing and I love getting sweets! Cinema rocks and home sucks!"

Isabelle, 10

"I think it would be better to watch films at home because you could have friends over and it would be cheaper because normally the snacks cost too much."

Pahul, 11

"It's not the same experience because going to the cinema is a treat."

Eleanor, 10

"I like going to the cinema because it's a special treat and you can get all sorts of nice food and there's a bigger screen. GO CINEMA!"

Katherine, 12

"I don't think it's a good idea because when you go to the cinema it's an outing, therefore if you have it in your house it would become a daily thing and get boring."

Chanel, 12

"I would prefer to watch them at home because if you need the toilet you can pause it!"

Dylan, 11

"I wouldn't give up the cinema to watch movies at home because there is something special about watching it on a big screen."

Joy, 12

"I would rather watch movies at home. Cinema tickets are expensive and the nearest cinema for me to go to is a whole hour away! And they play the movie way too LOUD!"

Lisa, 13

"I would definitely still prefer go to the cinema with my friends. It's a fun day out and great for birthday parties and sleepovers!"

Laura, 12

"Yes! I prefer watching films at home where there are no distractions and it's so much more comfortable! And I'd rather not wait for them to come out on DVD!"

Krish, 14

"I think it's a good idea, but I still think there should be cinemas because it's nice to see a brand new movie on the big screen... and I love to buy popcorn and ice cream! But I do like the idea of being at home and watching a new movie for free and you'd be nice and cosy at home!"

Sawdah, 11

"I think it would be an amazing idea to watch the latest films in your own home instead of watching them at the cinema! You could just call your friends over and watch an amazing movie!"

Emma, 12

"I do prefer to go to the cinema to watch films, but I wouldn't mind not having cinemas at all. I suppose you can pig out on popcorn and sweets in your house!"

Amy, 12

"I think going to the cinema is still worth it, because not everyone has 3D TV's to watch the film on."

Sarah, 11

"If it still costs the same then no way would I prefer to watch it at home - the whole experience of the cinema would be lost for something the same price! However, if it was quite a bit cheaper then I might consider watching at home."

Daisy, 13

"I think going to the cinema is much better because you get to watch films in much better quality and now they are even in 3D!"

Zain, 11

"I would prefer going to the cinema because it's louder and you can get fresh popcorn, sweets and a bigger screen to watch it on!"

Daniel, 9

"I think it would be better to watch them on TV as soon as they are released so you don't have to wait for them to be on DVD."

Teya, 10