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Top 10 toys for Christmas 2011?

Toy experts reveals what they thinks are going to be the top 10 toys that everyone's going to want for Christmas.
It may be July but toy experts are already looking forward to Christmas - predicting their top 10 toys that they think kids are going to want for Christmas, like this McMissile car from the film Cars 2.
Cars 2 Fully Loaded McMissile
Leah looks less than impressed with this Justin Bieber doll...
Leah holding a Justin Bieber doll
They usually say don't give dogs as presents - but this one would be OK as it's not real! But it can still blink and bark. WOOF!!
Fur Real Cookie
This looks pretty basic but the camera actually lets you shoot pics and video and watch them back - as well as adding effects. Could be good for snapping a few pics of Christmas lunch!!
Kiddizoom Twist
Check out this Lego! The Ninjago set even includes a dragon - that would keep you busy for a good few hours.
Lego Ninjago Fire Temple
This is a Moshi Monster - looks pretty fierce but it can laugh, talk or giggle! Maybe one of these could be peeking out of your Christmas stocking?
Moshi Monsters
This looks like a giant marble but it's actually a brain-training game, called iball3. You have to turn on six lights to a certain colour against the clock. Sounds tricky!
Experts at toy shop Hamleys also think this will be in the top 10 Christmas toys for 2011 - a nitron blaster. But we'll just have to wait and see - only six months to go!
Nerf Vortrex Nitron
Barbie has teamed up with the pop band The Saturdays to launch some new dolls called Fashionistas - funky handbag Barbie!
Barbie Fashionistas
Is it a robot - or could it be a car? The robot hero figures change from vehicle mode to robot mode and back again. It could transform your Christmas - geddit?
Transformer 3 Mech Tech Leader Asst
Leah got to experience Christmas in JUNE!! She saw all the toys you guys are going to be hankering after in six months' time...
Leah at the Christmas in June event
So here's Elmo from Sesame Street who has six songs for you to play on three instruments - a mic, drums and a tambourine. Rock on Elmo!
Sesame Street Elmo