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Pictures: Behind the scenes at Wimbledon 2011

Pictures: Behind the scenes at Wimbledon 2011
But it's when the action begins that the fans start getting excited. This girl is sitting on Murray Mount, watching Andy Murray play Feliciano Lopez- you can see it in the reflection of her sunglasses!
Fan watches Wimbledon on Murray Mount
And last but not least, it's one of the most famous things about Wimbledon tennis... the strawberries! Yum yum, we are very jealous.
A member of ground staff at Wimbledon eats strawberries
Security is very important at the Championships so specially trained police dogs comb the site before any visitors are allowed in, making sure everybody will be safe.
A dog sweeps the site to sniff out anything bad
Hang on a minute... have we spotted a celebrity tennis fan on Centre Court? Yep, that's F1 driver Lewis Hamilton. But what are you doing on the phone Lewis?!
Lewis Hamilton on his mobile phone
The grass at the All England Lawn Tennis Club has to be kept at an exact length to be in the best condition for the players. Let's hope this man doing the lawnmowing gets it right!
A man mows the grass on a court
The Scottish flag is waved to will Andy on!
Murray fans hold up a Scottish flag on Murray Mount
It's only Centre Court that has a covered roof at Wimbledon, so for the other courts it all rests on the weather, and Andy Murray doesn't look particularly confident in this snap.
Andy Murray looks at the rain
Hours of practice, stretching, physio and all sorts goes on behind the scenes before any player comes onto court. What do you reckon Murray's coaches are asking him to do here... the chicken dance?
Andy Murray stretching
And Wimbledon wouldn't be Wimbledon without the hoards of autograph hunters! Poor Nadal looks a little shocked at all these tennis balls he's going to have to sign...
Nadal in the grounds signing hi autograph
Preparing for Wimbledon each day is a massive task. There are thousands of workers on the site from the crack of dawn, like this man who's setting out the order of play for the women's semi-finals.
A member of the ground staff puts up the order of play
But for these ground staff the sun has come out! And when the sun is out, they don't have much work to do so they get to relax and read a paper. Or for the man second from the left, get some sleep!
Ground staff relax in the sun
And this is the moment visitors are first allowed into the grounds each day! The security guards walk forward, stopping people from rushing through.
Security staff open the grounds
Murray Mount gets absolutely packed, especially when Andy himself is playing and the sun's out.
Murray Mount