Chat: Is your school closed on strike day?

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Children in playground(C) British Broadcasting Corporation

Thousands of schools across England and Wales are closed today, because hundreds of thousands of teachers are on strike.

We want to know whether YOU are at school on strike day.

Perhaps you're going into school but you won't have normal lessons? Maybe your whole school is closed? Or perhaps none of your teachers are on strike.

Maybe your parents are helping out to keep the school running while teachers strike?

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Your comments

"My school is on strike and my mum and dad are teachers so they have to go in to school to strike, so I am going to my gran and granddads' for the day."

Amelia, 12

"My family are running the school, acting like cover teachers to keep the school open."

Poona, 12

"My school is off on strike and to be honest I agree with the teachers."

Ellie, 9

"I think this is not a very good decision as the teachers are taking a day off for a reason but the pupils are wasting a whole day which does not help their learning."

Amna, 12

"My school is on strike but my teacher isn't as she promised not to cancel our class trip to legoland!! Yay our trip is still on!"

Lottie, 10

"My school is not on strike at all."

Melissa, 9

"I'm off on strike day! People say we will be having more days off - yay I hope it's true!"

Emily, 11

"The teachers are taking a day off for a reason but the pupils are wasting a whole day which does not help their learning. I think this is a terrible decision."

Amna, 12

"I will not be at school because my teacher is on strike. I am very happy about this because my sister still has to go and she thinks I'm doing work at home but I am not!"

Heather, 11

"I have to go to school, it's so not fair! My teachers belong to a different union so they may go on strike later this year."

Alex, 13

"Even though I don't like school very much I still think the teachers going on strike is bad!"

Olivia, 11

"My school is on strike. I think the government is being unfair, because they're getting less money."

Tabassum, 11

"I will be going to school on school strike day! I don't think that is fair! But if our teachers decide not to go on strike then that's their choice."

Simran, 9

"2 classes have teachers on strike, industrial action is what they say it is."

Asma, 11

"My school is off on strike day YAY! I think the teachers should strike more often!"

Faisa, 12

"My school is closed for yr 9, 10, and 11 but yr 7 and 8 have to come in their PE kit and do fun lessons for half the day."

Jazmyn, 12

"I go to a private school so no day off for me. Uhhhhh!"

Zohra, 12

"The primary school is going on strike but the secondary school I go to is still open. My brothers and sister are going to the teacher's strike picnic at the park while I have to go to school, it's so unfair!"

Althea, 12

"I'm not off school which is really annoying. We are just going to have cover teachers."

Ellie, 12

"I am glad school is off because of the big strike, mainly because my sister's not off and I am- HOORAY!"

Amelia, 10

"We're at school yipeeeeee. Hurray to the teachers!"

Celyn and Ffion, 9 and 6

"The whole of my school is off apart from year 7! Really unfair!"

Alicia, 12

"BOO!!!!!! I have to go to school, but the best thing is we are going to play games only!"

Klaudia, 10

"My school is still going in on strike day. We still have to work and it is annoying."

Rebecca, 10

"My school has the day off and me and my friend Eartha are going to a cheese-making factory!! I can't wait!"

Adeline, 12