Australia: Boy knocked out by humpback whale's tail

Last updated at 15:39

A 13-year-old boy has been knocked unconscious by the tail of a humpback whale in New South Wales, Australia.

Drew survived but was left with a broken collarbone, a large lump on his chest and a big swelling on his head.

Drew was out in the family boat with his parents, watching whales far out to sea blowing air from their blowholes.

But a whale's tail came up from below, swept along the boat, and hit Drew in the chest.

Drew's mum said: "I thought Drew was dead... the tail just whacked him and sent him flying into the boat."

They headed straight back to shore where Drew was met by paramedics and taken to hospital in an ambulance.

He doesn't remember the accident, and he reckons all he wants to do is get better so he can go back to fishing!

"Apparently I wasn't looking too good... but I'm all right. Really, all I do is just fish and play cricket."