100 days of international air strikes on Libya

Last updated at 17:31

It's 100 days since British and other international forces joined the air attacks on Libya.

They're trying to protect Libyans from their leader Colonel Gaddafi, who's been in charge for 40 years.

In February, some people held protests because they wanted him out and Gaddafi reacted violently. His forces opened fire and lots of people were killed.

Now the International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant accusing Gaddafi of crimes against humanity.

The court said it had reason to believe Gaddafi had ordered attacks on civilians during the four months of fighting in Libya.

Schools closed

Fighting between Gadaffi's supporters and rebels who want him to quit has spread right across Libya.

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled the country and many others who've stayed have been forced to leave their homes. Lots of schools have closed leaving two million kids with nowhere to study.

The war has split people living in Libya. Although many want to get rid of Gaddafi, some of his supporters have been staging demonstrations in the capital city Tripoli because they think he should stay.