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Hundreds of new species found in Papua New Guinea

See pics of some of the animals found in Papua New Guinea.
Talking of blue, check out the colour of this fish! It was found in the waters off Papua New Guinea, where loads of different types of fish thrive.
WWF: Damselfish Chrysiptera cymatilis.
Guess what this fish is called? Yes it's a rainbow fish. It's thought about two-thirds of Papua New Guinea's amazing animals aren't found anywhere else.
WWF: Rainbow fish
Scientists discovered about two new species EVERY week over the 10-year study. This astonishing find is an extremely rare river shark, which measures 2.5m long!
WWF: Rainbow fish
This brightly coloured frog is just one of more than 1,000 new species of animals and plants found in Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean.
WWF: Frog (Litoria dux)
But the conservation charity WWF is warning that the tropical island isn't doing enough to protect the unique plants and creatures like this orange snail.
WWF: Snail (Paryphantopsis misimensis)
But WWF thinks that human activity, particularly from logging and making forest into farming land, is putting creatures like this Blue-eyed Spotted Cuscus in danger.
WWF: The blue-eyed spotted cuscus (Spilocuscus wilsoni)
Over 10 years to 2008, scientists have recorded 218 new kinds of plants, 43 reptiles, 580 invertebrates, 134 amphibians, 71 fish, two birds and 12 mammals, including this unique snub-fin dolphin.
WWF: Dolphin (Orcaella heinsohni)
One of the most striking new reptiles is this monitor lizard. They can reach a metre in length, and have beautiful turquoise and blue patterns. [Photo: Lutz Obelgönner]
Monitor Lizard