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PICTURES: Glastonbury Festival 2011

Check out these photos from the 2011 festival
Do you know who this band is? It's The Wombles, who are based on characters from a kids' book and had four pop songs out in the 1970s.
The Wombles perform at Glastonbury
Beyonce appeared at the huge Glastonbury festival for the first time on Sunday - bringing the three-day festival to an end.
Fans at the Somerset festival were treated to a 90-minute show with lots of her top songs and included a medley of Destiny's Child songs.
Fans with a Beyonce banner at Glastonbury
And here's rock legend U2 performing for the first time at the festival - in pouring rain on Friday night.
U2 perform at Glastonbury
The festival started more than 40 years ago and 180,000 people turned out this year for music and fun at one of the world's biggest music festivals.
Boy in crowd at Glastonbury
And here's Gwyneth's husband, Chris Martin who's the lead singer of Coldplay. They performed on Saturday. Nice confetti Chris!
Chris Martin from Coldplay performs at Glastonbury
There were rumours that her husband, rapper Jay-Z, would join her on stage - but here he is watching her from the audience with actress Gwyneth Paltrow.
Jay-Z and Gwyneth Paltrow at Glastonbury Festival
And here's rapper Plan B who played at the festival on Saturday. Organisers say there wont be a festival in 2012, but already three major acts are lined up for 2013.
Plan B performing at Glastonbury
London rapper Tinie Tempah appeared for the first time last year and was really popular with the crowd this year.
Tinie Tempah performing at Glastonbury
Brit Award winner Jessie J was told by doctors not to perform as she had a broken leg - but she said she didn't want to let her fans down and went ahead, in a specially-made throne.
Jessie J performs at Glastonbury with injured foot