What should I do if I'm bullied?

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Anti-bullying campaigner Alex Holmes answers your questions about bullying online

Walk away or stay in a group. You're less likely to be bullied when there are other people around. Bullies don't like witnesses.

Tell someone you trust, like a parent, teacher or friend. You will feel better and you can think of ways to beat the bully together.

Practise at home saying "no" or "leave me alone". If someone says "you're ugly", say "thank you".

Write a note to someone if you find it hard to say how you are feeling.

Also, keep a diary of what kind of bullying is happening and when it is happening. This can be used as 'evidence' when you tell someone.

What not to do...

Don't show you're angry or upset. If you don't care, the bully can't get to you.

Don't be afraid to tell somebody about what you're going through.