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"Welcome to Gay Hell"

Georgina Rannard

BBC News

The YouTuber is making a stand against Donald Trump's ban on US embassies flying the pride flag.

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The Michigan hotel offering free stays for women travelling for abortions

Some states have passed laws banning abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected
Over the past few months, US states including Alabama, Ohio and Georgia have passed laws that ban abortions when a fetal heartbeat can be detected. For women living there and seeking a termination, travelling to another state may be the only option.

In response, a hotel manager in the state of Michigan is offering free accommodation and support to women travelling to Michigan for an appointment, where the procedure is still legal.

Shelley, who runs The Yale Hotel in the town of Yale, says she is just part of a sisterhood which is coming together to provide a support network for women.

(Photo: The Yale Hotel, Michigan Credit: Google)
Joint graduation surprise for mother and son
Sharonda Wilson missed her graduation as it was on the same day as her son's. But the universities had a plan.
Why this dog was sworn in at court
Instead of giving evidence, Kora the courtroom dog is there to give support to child witnesses.

Projected for Trump

16 electoral votes


2 seats, none up for election

There is no Senate election in Michigan this year. The sitting senators are Democrats Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters.


2 seats


0 seats


0 seats

House of Representatives
14 seats, all up for election


5 seats
Change: (no change) since the last election.


9 seats
Change: (no change) since the last election.


0 seats
Change: (no change) since the last election.