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How Trump feud with 'dumb as a rock' Tillerson erupted

After his former secretary of state questions his discipline, the president fires off an insult-laden tweet.

7 December 2018
Anthony Zurcher North America reporter

George HW Bush funeral: A legacy repackaged for Trump era

Once derided as a wimp, the polite qualities of George HW Bush are now lauded and his impact judged anew.

4 December 2018
Nick Bryant New York correspondent

When Hispanic Americans vote, the US wins

Hispanics, which make up the largest minority group in the US, are the Holy Grail of American politics.

22 October 2018
Katty Kay Presenter, BBC World News

US mid-term elections 2018: Trump's invincible, but for how much longer?

His name isn't on the ballot but make no mistake - these elections are all about Trump, says the BBC's Jon Sopel.

5 November 2018
Jon Sopel North America editor

World Service radio