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    Video caption: US Election 2020: Obama and Trump in political brawl on campaign trail

    President Donald Trump and his predecessor, Barack Obama, launch withering attacks on each other.

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    Video caption: Osiris-Rex: The moment a Nasa probe tagged an asteroid

    The first images are released of the Osiris-Rex spacecraft trying to grab rock from asteroid Bennu.

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    Video caption: US election: Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Persuading an undecided voter

    Erica listens to her aunt and her friend make their cases for voting Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

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    Video caption: Woman rescued from burning car by police officer in California

    Police footage shows the driver being pulled out of the vehicle, which had caught fire following a crash.

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    Video caption: Nasa's Osiris-Rex spacecraft successfully tags Asteroid Bennu

    Nasa scientists were elated as the spacecraft successfully touched down for just a few seconds to grab rocks and dirt.