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    Video caption: Salman Rushdie: The moments after author was attacked

    The Satanic Verses author was stabbed several times while on stage at an event in New York state.

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    Video caption: From the scene where Salman Rushie was attacked on stage

    Author of The Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie, was attacked on stage in New York state.

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    Video caption: Firenado rages in California

    Hot temperatures and strong winds formed a 'firenado' in California on Wednesday.

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    Video caption: Donald Trump on people pleading the Fifth Amendment: 'Disgraceful'

    Years before Donald Trump invoked the Fifth Amendment, he criticised his political opponents for doing the same thing.

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    Video caption: A new reality for women seeking an abortion in Texas

    This is what happened when a Texas woman considering an abortion walked into a crisis pregnancy centre.

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    Video caption: 'You can't cancel our identities'

    Local authorities tried to cancel the Montreal Pride parade at the last minute, but that didn't stop a large crowd from carrying on anyway.