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    Video caption: Bolivia's 'death road' becomes wildlife haven

    Wildlife and greenery have flourished on the infamous route linking Bolivia's capital with the Amazon rainforest.

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    Video caption: How I taught a vulture to fly with me

    Brazilian tour guide Israel Mendes adopted Urú, a vulture, after finding him in a dumpster.

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    Video caption: The moment Colombia's new president is sworn into office

    Gustavo Petro was sworn in before a crowd of thousands in Colombia's capital, Bogota.

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    Video caption: Mexican mining rescue: Ten miners trapped underground

    The 10 workers are trapped underground in Coahuila after a tunnel wall collapsed in a mine shaft.

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    Video caption: Lightning strike causes major fire at Cuban fuel depot

    Dozens are injured and 17 firefighters are missing as the battle continues to get the fire under control.

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    Video caption: Slave owner Sir Thomas Picton portrait 'reframed'

    Artist Gesiye says history has not been taught to include everyone's experiences and this needs to change.