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Friendly football welcomed back in Jersey

Rebecca Thorn

BBC News

Friendly football matches will be allowed to restart in Jersey from Saturday, under level one of the island's safe exit framework.

The Jersey Football Association (JFA) said it welcomed the decision, which will allow "close fleeting contact" between players outside.

A physical distance of 1m (3ft 3in) will be kept during "non-playing activity" such as warm ups and cool downs.

A total of 40 people, including players, coaches, referees, and spectators will be allowed at any game.

Finally, all clubs will be required to appoint a 'Covid officer', the association said.

Airline pays tribute to founder with heart in the sky

Johanna Carr

BBC News Online

Blue Islands airline has paid tribute to its founder by using an aeroplane to draw a heart in the sky.

Derek Coates, who also founded the Healthspan Group, died aged 72 this week.

A flight leaving Jersey made the heart shape over the islands on its way to Norwich.

Blue Islands’ CEO Rob Veron said: "The big heart in our blue skies today signifies Derek’s love of our islands and our true love of Derek."

Blue Islands

Lockdown exit level one changes summary

Deputy Chief Minister Lyndon Farnham rounded up the "small set of changes" the Government of Jersey has implemented with entering level one of its Safe Exit Framework from midnight.

These are:

  • Working from home will no longer be the recommended default option for businesses
  • Up to 80 people can attend funerals, but at wakes and other gatherings remain limited to 20 participants, unless they are "controlled events" which are permitted to have up to 40 people
  • All close personal contact services and treatments are now permitted, including close work on or around the face
  • Open houses permitted for estate agents
  • Changing rooms and showers can reopen

The advice for islanders "at high risk on returning to work is not changing" and they should use "personal judgement" with available support, the government said.

The government added that it would begin planning for performing arts venues, sporting venues and events planning to pilot a safe opening approach in the autumn with individual organisations

These included the JAC, Opera House, Cineworld, the Jersey Reds and Jersey Bulls.

Flu and coronavirus could 'overwhelm' health services

A combination of flu and coronavirus cases this winter could "overwhelm" Jersey's health services, the deputy medical officer of health has said.

Dr Ivan Muscat said the island needed to avoid a surge of the two infections arising at the same time, which could lead to confusion over the cause of an individual's symptoms.

A flu vaccine is expected to be rolled out in early October to 50-65 olds, as well as being extended to those outside that group who were "at risk", Dr Muscat said.

Schoolchildren up to year 11 will also be given given the flu vaccination due to being "super-spreaders" of the common winter infection, contrary to their role in coronavirus.

Dr Muscat said: "If you vaccinate your schoolchildren well, you protect your community as a whole probably better than just vaccinating the adults."

He added that the programme would work as trial run for when a coronavirus vaccine was expected in the "late autumn".