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Channel Islands weather: Dry with some patchy cloud

BBC Weather

A dry Friday night with clear spells and variable cloud, with a gentle northeasterly breeze persisting throughout.

Minimum Temperature: 14 to 17C (57 to 63F).

A dry and largely settled Saturday with plenty of sunny spells and occasional patchy cloud. A gentle easterly breeze. Turning a touch warmer.

Maximum Temperature: 16 to 21C (61 to 70F).

Health services move to surgeries welcomed by Jersey GPs

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey GPs have welcomed plans to move many health services, currently offered at the hospital, into their surgeries.

The move has been suggested following a wholesale review of the way healthcare is provided in the island - as part of work to build the new hospital.

Ministers will be asked to agree to the proposals next month.

GP at work

If that happens, there will need to be an infrastructure change. Currently, for example, GPs put together 45% - 55% of everything they earn into their infrastructure. So that's the buildings, lighting, IT - that sort of stuff - and staff. If we're going to increase our staff and the management that goes around that, there will be consideration required to make sure that work can safely go out."

Dr Nigel MinihaneRepresents GPs in Jersey

Durrell working to protect endangered species of frog

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey charity Durrell says its work to protect an endangered species of frog could change the way amphibians are cared for across the globe.

The conservation trust is working with Zoological Society London on solar powered smart ponds that protect chicken frogs from a deadly fungus.

They've released 27 chicken frogs into a semi-wild enclosure - the first of its kind - to their native home of Montserrat.

If it's successful, it could be applied to help save hundreds of other species around the world affected by the fungus.

chicken frog

'Large number' of Jersey islanders donating blood

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey could soon supply blood products to the rest of the Channel Islands thanks to the "large number" of islanders who donate blood.

Jersey only needs to import specialist products - with Jersey donors supplying the rest.

It's used for life-saving treatment in emergencies and for blood cancer patients.

It means the 400-500 people with blood cancers in the islands can be treated promptly at home.

Dr Effie Liakopoulou, consultant haematologist and associate medical director at Jersey General Hospital, says an on-island blood product donation is "essential" to the survival of Jersey patients.

Giving blood