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  1. Potential for wedding changes to revive tourism

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    It's hoped Guernsey's tourism industry will be revived through changes to marriage laws in the Bailiwick.

    From spring 2021 non-religious wedding and civil wedding ceremonies will be legally recognised and restrictions on where wedding can be held will be lifted.

    The Committee for Economic Development believes the move will allow the island to capitalise on the wedding market.

    The committee suggests when travel is able to safely resume, the new marriage law will encourage visitors to come to Guernsey and help the sector bounce back quickly.

  2. Guernsey expected to move petrol and diesel vehicle ban

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Guernsey is expected to bring forward the date for banning the sale of new, fully petrol or diesel vehicles.

    The original target was 2035 but a recent announcement has seen the UK move it to 2030.

    President of Environment and Infrastructure Lindsay de Sausmarez said it did not come as a surprise.

    Quote Message: We had very consciously pegged our target date to that of the UK because the situation that we are keen to avoid is us becoming a graveyard, if you like, for redundant vehicles. Certainly some older people will remember the situation with asbestos, where we were very much behind the UK and became something of a dumping ground; and that had, obviously, quite serious ramifications." from Lindsay de Sausmarez President, Environment and Infrastructure
    Lindsay de SausmarezPresident, Environment and Infrastructure
  3. Charities website raises £400k in four years

    Andrew Segal

    BBC News

    An online donation platform for Guernsey charities has raised £400,000 in funds for locally-based organisations since its launch in mid-2016, the Association of Guernsey Charities has said.

    The association said the website saw "a major rise in popularity" during the Covid lockdown, when most charities were unable to raise funds from street collections, charity shops and fundraising events.

    It "remained the one source of funding they could promote and use, and the public response was enormous", bosses said.

    Between March and July it saw more than 1,700 individual donations, raising £85,000, compared to a previous monthly average of £6,000. website
  4. Call to remove director of civil aviation over 'misbehaviour'

    A move to remove Dominic Lazarus from the post of director of civil aviation has been lodged with the States of Guernsey.

    The motion was brought by the Committee for Economic Development based on the evidence of an investigation carried out after he was suspended from the role in August.

    The committee found Mr Lazarus had "misbehaved in office and has behaved in a way that is grossly incompetent".

    The motion will be debated at this week's States meeting starting on Wednesday.

  5. Online payments aimed at gaining ambulance subscribers

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    St John Ambulance Guernsey

    A new online payments platform for people to subscribe to St John Ambulance Guernsey is aimed at attracting thousands more people to sign up.

    The new system will replace paper forms.

    Currently the cost of ambulance cover, for unlimited emergency calls, under the subscription scheme is up to £85 for a family.

    An ambulance responding to an emergency call for someone without cover can be charged up to £380.

    There are currently about 17,500 subscribers.

    Chief Financial Officer Stuart Brennan said an increase in subscribers could also mean a change of prices.

    Quote Message: We're hoping that the ease and availability of the system will encourage more people to subscribe. The more people that subscribe, the more we can look at the different pricing for non-subscribers. And this is all about trying to make it as effective and fair for everyone to use the ambulance service - we hope we don't have to, but if we do - make the most cost-effective use of our finances." from Stuart Brennan Chief Financial Officer, St John Ambulance Guernsey
    Stuart BrennanChief Financial Officer, St John Ambulance Guernsey
  6. Guernsey has single active Covid case

    Guernsey has only a single active case of Covid-19 after two people recovered from the virus, the States has said.

    There are 48 suspected cases awaiting test results.

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  7. Candidate nominations for Sark election open

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Nominations for the upcoming election in Sark have opened.

    Residents can put their name forward to be a member of Chief Pleas between now and midday on Friday, 4 December.

    Polling day for the Sark general election is Wednesday, 16 December.

  8. Guernsey Ports see 80% fall in passenger numbers during pandemic

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Guernsey Ports have seen an 80% fall in passenger numbers due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    The figures for the year up to the end of October include a 95% fall in passenger numbers at Alderney Harbour, but only a 50% drop at Alderney Airport.

    Guernsey Airport has seen a fall of 75%.

    Head of Ports Colin Le Ray said the 100% fall in cruise passengers has had a limited impact on the ports' takings but did still affect the island.

    He said: "We generate about £150,000 of income from cruises, but I think the wider issue is really the value added that it brings to local businesses."

  9. Guernsey Water is disputing predicted £1.2m losses

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Guernsey Water is disputing losses predicted in the latest budget.

    Figures released last week forecast the utility to lose almost £1.2m next year.

    However, managing director Steve Langlois said the utility's plans had changed since figures were submitted for the budget.

    He said he believed investment in infrastructure meant losses for 2021 should now remain roughly the same as those expected this year - about £400,000.

    The utility is also predicting a return to profit in 2022.

  10. Bailiwick of Guernsey to recognise humanist marriages

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Royal assent has been granted to legally recognise humanist marriages in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

    The law is now expected to come into force from March 2021.

    Currently couples have to go to the Greffe to register their marriage and have the humanist ceremony as a public celebration only.

  11. Hustings for Alderney election

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Voters in Alderney will have two chances this week to meet candidates ahead of the States members election on Saturday.

    A hustings will take place on Wednesday evening at the Island Hall and use a Question Time format.

    Candidates then will also be on hand on Thursday evening in the same place for a public drop-in session.

  12. Guernsey Ports forecasting £12m Covid loss

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Guernsey Ports is expected to lose almost 10 times more than originally forecast this year.

    It's forecasting a deficit of £12m over 2020, in part due to less marine traffic due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Other States assets such as Guernsey Water and Guernsey Waste are also forecasting losses, with only States Works expected to turn a profit.

  13. Ten-year GFC anniversary match

    Guernsey Football Club will be starting the celebrations for the 10-year anniversary of its founding a little early by playing a match between players from the original and current squads.

    GFC Originals vs GFC Newcomers will kick off at 14:00 on 27 December at Footes Lane.

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  14. Guernsey Electricity denies breaching licence

    Guernsey Electricity has "strongly" denied breaking the terms of its electricity licence, following a ruling from the island's regulator.

    The Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority (GCRA) said on Thursday the utility company breached the terms of its licence by not advertising commercial charges for power it offered some businesses.

    The company's CEO Alan Bates said it is "extremely disappointed" by the GCRA’s decision which lacked a "coherent and cogent legal basis".

    He said: "This matter is still ongoing and we shall now take the time to consider our options which include an appeal."

  15. Guernsey Electricity 'breached licence' over prices

    Guernsey Electricity Limited (GEL) "breached its electricity licence" when it failed to publish the prices it charged some commercial customers for power, Guernsey's regulator has found.

    The Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority (GCRA) upheld a complaint against the utility company and concluded it had "failed to demonstrate" pricing was "transparent, non-discriminatory or cost-justified".

    The States of Guernsey owned business has not accepted the regulators provisional decision concluding it had breached the terms of its licence.

    GEL has three weeks to publish the pricing information, the GCRA said.

    The regulator's CEO Michael Byrne said transparency over pricing was vital where a single business occupies a "powerful position in our economy with legacy advantages" over any potential competition.

    He said: "We have no view whether these special prices Guernsey Electricity charges a select group of customers are unfair or whether householders are subsidising those prices, and we are not saying GEL cannot compete.

    "Guernsey Electricity's decision not to be transparent has however removed visibility of its pricing behaviour and this cannot be allowed to continue."

  16. Police appeal for help in search for missing woman

    Liga Balode

    Guernsey Police are searching for a 35-year-old woman who has been missing since Tuesday night.

    Liga Balode, from Latvia, was last since at about 22:00 GMT near the Collinette Hotel end of the Gibauderie in St Peter Port, officers said.

    Police are asking anyone who lives in the area with private CCTV to check their footage from around the time she was last seen.

    Anyone with information can contact officers on 01481 725111 or visit the police station.

  17. UK questioned over Brexit and representation of islands

    A senior member of the House of Lords has written to the UK government with questions about the Crown Dependencies and the Brexit process.

    Lord Kinnoull, Chairman of the Lords European Committee, sent a letter to UK minister Michael Gove asking him to answer 11 questions on constitutional issues and the implication of Brexit on Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

    The letter follows allegations the UK is "trampling" on the constitutional relationship with the Channel Islands over a provision in its recent fisheries bill, which claims to allow the government to legislate for the islands without their consent.

    Among the questions asked to Mr Gove were:

    • What steps has the Government taken to ensure that the concerns and interests of the Crown Dependencies have been taken into account during the future relationship negotiations with the EU?
    • Will any UK-EU future relationship agreement take account of the Crown Dependencies’ unique relationship with the UK and the EU, including the Channel Islands’ bilateral relationship with France?
    • What steps are you taking to protect the Crown Dependencies’ trade in goods with the EU, in particular in fisheries, agriculture and manufacturing?

    The letter with the full list of questions is available online.