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Guernsey brewery White Rock ceases trading

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey brewery White Rock has gone into liquidation.

The company was founded in 2013 to put more local cask beers on the market.

However, as of 6 August the company has stopped trading.

Man rescued after falling 20ft down cliffs

Andrew Segal

BBC News

Guernsey cliff rescue. Pic: St John
St John Emergency Ambulance Service

A man has been rescued after falling 20ft down cliffs in Guernsey.

Rescuers involved in the multi-agency response said the 60-year-old fell at about 15:00 on Sunday at Le Gouffre, on the south coast, while doing a "recreational climb" with other climbers.

Coastguards, paramedics, members of the Guernsey Cliff Rescue team and RNLI lifeboats were all "required in order to carry out the rescue", Guernsey Coastguard said.

The man was lowered to the base of the cliff and transferred into a lifeboat and taken to the harbour "where they were met by a waiting ambulance for the journey to the emergency department", St John Emergency Ambulance Service said.

He suffered injuries to his legs and arms.

Guernsey 'ready and waiting' if new Covid-19 cases found

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey is ready for when a case of Covid-19 comes into the island, the head of the island's public health service has said.

The bailiwick has now had 102 days since its last known case was discovered.

Dr Nicola Brink argued that preparation was key to staying in control of the pandemic in the bailiwick.

I think the most likely scenario is that we will get a case imported, like we did in the early days - we'll see a case coming to the island from another jurisdiction. I think the important thing is that, as on 9 March, when we saw our first case, we are ready and waiting. So I think that preparation is absolutely key."

Dr Nicola BrinkDirector of Public Health, Guernsey

Endangered black rat spotted in Sark

BBC Radio Guernsey

A rare black rat has been spotted in Sark.

It's been described as a significant sighting by Guernsey's Biological Records Centre because the species is on the endangered list and only found in a few locations.

Clare Glynn-Riley and her family were on holiday in Sark last week and spotted the animal.

After sharing a photo with local wildlife enthusiasts on social media it "became clear this was quite an important sighting".

The People's Trust for Endangered Species believes there's only about 1,300 left in the British Isles, with the vast majority on the Shiant Islands in the Outer Hebrides.

It's thought there may still be some examples of the species in Southwark in London and Avonmouth, and some small populations on offshore islands.

Until last week it wasn't known if they were still present in Sark or Alderney.

Elizabeth Sweet from the Biological Records Centre said it's great to be able to put a significant species like this in the database, especially as people "don't always realise how rare they are".

HSC proposes law change to allow coronavirus vaccine use

Rebecca Thorn

BBC News

The Committee for Health and Social Care is proposing legislative changes that will allow the States of Guernsey to vaccinate the bailiwick's residents against coronavirus.

On Wednesday Deputy Heidi Soulsby said the law would need to be changed in order to allow a vaccine without full licensing to be used.

She said this was due to the speed at which the coronavirus vaccine was being developed.

In a policy letter, the committee is asking the States to agree that:

  • A vaccination programme is established for the Bailiwick to mitigate against the risks of Covid-19
  • Any Covid-19 vaccine considered "appropriate" by the committee can be used, as long as the vaccine has a recognised marketing authorisation, or a temporary authority issued under the Human Medicines Regulations 2012
  • The committee can specify who is allowed to administer the vaccination, in addition to registered healthcare professionals

Deputy Soulsby said it was hoped a vaccine would be available for use by the end of the year.