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  1. Swiss school quarantine for 2,000: Latest across Europe

    Two thousand students and staff at a Swiss international school at Founex near Geneva have gone into quarantine after the discovery of two Omicron variant cases. The cases are linked to a family who recently returned from South Africa. There’s been a surge in Swiss hospital cases.

    French health authorities say they’ve recorded nine cases of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 so far. Experts believe the variant will gradually become the most prevalent variant there by early next year.

    A medical staff works in the pulmonology department of the Nouvel Hopital Civil (NHC) in Strasbourg, eastern France, on December 2, 2021
    Image caption: France's health minister says a patient is admitted to intensive care every 10 minutes

    Health Minister Olivier Véran says France's fifth Covid wave is spreading fast and having a big impact on hospitals.

    Belgium’s Covid decision-makers will consider a recommendation to shut schools for 10 days today along with a limit of 200 spectators for indoor events. Advisers are particularly worried about the spread of Covid in primary schools. They’re also suggesting 20:00 closures for cafes and restaurants and making professional sport closed-door events.

    Germany’s Covid surge continues, with the number of cases per 100,000 people up again to 442, after a dip in recent days. New rules now bar unvaccinated people from cultural and leisure facilities and non-essential shops.

    Infections and hospital admissions are on the rise in Italy. Vaccinations will start for 5-11 year-olds, after the EU’s medicines agency gave the green light.

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    Video caption: Germany: Angela Merkel's military farewell features punk singer's hit

    A ceremony has been held for the German chancellor, who is due to step down after 16 years in office.

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    Video caption: Sigur Rós star's volcanic exhibit showcases in New York

    Sigur Rós star Jónsi reenacts an Iceland volcano with sound, scent and sculptures in a New York exhibit.