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    Video caption: Australia: Footage captures car careering across eight lanes

    A woman and child were injured, but Australian police say it's "incredibly lucky" others weren't hurt.

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    Video caption: COP26: We need to separate optics from substance - Downer

    It is a long way for the Australian PM to travel, former foreign minister Alexander Downer says.

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    Video caption: Melbourne earthquake: Australians react to rare quake that rattled country

    One resident thought the 5.9 magnitude quake was just his neighbours doing an intense workout.

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    Video caption: Johnson tells French to 'prenez un grip' over security pact

    The prime minister tells France to "donnez-moi un break" over the military pact with the US and Australia.

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    Video caption: Melbourne protests: Violent anti-vaccine protests enter third day

    Demonstrators have been marching against lockdowns and mandatory vaccines in Australia's second largest city.

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    Video caption: Melbourne earthquake: The moment the Australian earthquake shakes TV studio

    Breakfast show hosts were in the studio when a 6.0 magnitude earthquake rattled Australia's southeast including the city of Melbourne.

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    Video caption: Life at 50C: Heat hitting home in Australia

    Cities like Sydney are already experiencing extremely hot days because of climate change.