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Kashmir unrest: 'They shot me and I fell to the ground'
The BBC meets protesters who were allegedly injured at the hands of security forces in Kashmir.

Birmingham MP joins Kashmir protest

Allen Cook

BBC News

Birmingham MP Liam Byrne was among thousands of people gathered outside the Indian High Commission in London on Thursday to protest against the country's decision to place part of Kashmir under lockdown.

Protests outside the Indian High Commission

The Hodge Hill MP called for Indian PM Narendra Modi to "end the shutdown" in the region and pull out troops.

The disputed territory has been the site of decades of sporadic conflict.

Mr Modi's said the removal of Kashmir's special status, which gave it significant autonomy from the rest of India, would restore the region to its "past glory".

But, addressing the crowds in London, Mr Byrne said: "You can try and shut up a parliament but Mr Modi, you can't shut up a people and we here will not be silenced."