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  1. Apple Daily raid: "Freedom of the press not a licence to incite violence"

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    Video caption: Victor Gao, former Chinese diplomat, says Apple Daily raid is not attack on press freedom

    Victor Gao, a former Chinese diplomat, says the raid on Apple Daily does not constitute an attack on the freedom of the press.

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    Video caption: China is making ‘rapid progress’ in space

    The country's recent success shows it has a mature space programme, astrophysicist Dr Argo says.

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    Video caption: Shenzhou-12: Chinese astronauts dock with new space station

    Shenzhou-12 docked with the new Tiangong space station as part of China's longest crewed mission to date.

  4. Chinese astronauts begin three-month space mission

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    Video caption: It is China's longest mission to date and they will work on a new space station

    The launch and subsequent mission are another demonstration of China's growing confidence and capability in the space domain.

  5. Hong Kong: Arrests at pro-democracy Apple Daily

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    Video caption: The paper is owned by Jimmy Lai, and is known to be critical of Beijing's leadership

    They have been arrested on suspicion of violating the national security law.

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    Video caption: Shenzhou-12: China launches three astronauts into orbit

    China successfully launches the Shenzhou-12 capsule, containing crew for the country's new space station.