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    Video caption: The Gurkha veterans fighting for Covid care in Nepal

    Ghurkas living in a remote part of Nepal say they're struggling to access life-saving treatment for coronavirus.

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    Video caption: WTC: Sachin Tendulkar says India can’t take New Zealand for granted

    Tendulkar says the inaugural World Test Championship final will be a balanced fight.

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    Video caption: China is making ‘rapid progress’ in space

    The country's recent success shows it has a mature space programme, astrophysicist Dr Argo says.

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    Video caption: Shenzhou-12: Chinese astronauts dock with new space station

    Shenzhou-12 docked with the new Tiangong space station as part of China's longest crewed mission to date.

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    Video caption: Giant Buddhist statue gets Covid face mask in Japan

    Temple managers plan to keep the face covering on the figure until the pandemic is brought under control.