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'Goldilocks' economy for China

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Second quarter Chinese GDP growth of 6.2% is "hardly that slow" says Jinny Yan, chief China economist and managing director of ICBC.

She tells the BBC's Today programme: "And let's not confuse growth that is being guided by policy compared with growth that is being impacted by the current ongoing dispute with the US."

She says: "I think the majority of what is going on at the moment is still seeing the aftermath of policy guidance to have a slower economy because previously it was overstimulated, for example.

"Actually, it is a little bit of a Goldilocks economy at the moment because it its not too hot and not too cold."

GDP data shows China's economic shift

Today Programme

BBC Radio 4

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China's second quarter economic growth may be the slowest since the early 1990s but there's nothing to panic about, says Mouhammed Choukeir, chief investment officer at Kleinwort Hambros.

He points out that the 6.2% GDP expansion recorded is in line with expectations and that the impact of trade tensions with the US on China's economy has been well flagged up.

"The long-term picture is that this is part of a strategy to move away from a manufacturing-led economy in China towards a domestic consumer-led economy one," he tells the BBC's Today programme.

"So this is consistent with the path that [China] has been taking over the last few years."