Do Republican voters buy President Biden's message of unity?

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President Joe Biden has finished his first full day in office.

He immediately took steps to undo several Trump-era policies with executive actions - including halting funding for the border wall and reversing the travel ban on majority Muslim countries.

We asked Republicans on our voter panel how they feel that fits with the president's call for unity.

Udayan is an engineer and conservative voter who thinks Donald Trump was the best American president ever.

How did you feel about President Biden's first day?

It was just like any other first day of an administration. It would have been much more fun if Trump was in the White House, but I wasn't upset. I take the view that both Trump and Biden are servants of the people - not crowned heads of state - and they do not hold any power over me. Therefore we move on with Biden as president as we moved on with Trump as president.

What was your reaction to the president's executive orders?

The mask mandate is utterly useless and merely forces people who work in federal facilities to wear a mask. Cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline is a bad idea, but it was foreseeable. The repeal of the travel ban was to be expected. I do not support a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants; that is an invitation to break into the country. All these executive orders are nothing unusual. It's one of the easiest ways to start making an impact when you are not sure of your position in the legislature.

Has Biden shown he can unify the nation?

I personally do not think so. The ideology he stands for is a bit too radical and I do not believe it's going to unify the country. I do not have very high expectations for this presidency. The US federal government should not be a "nanny" state. It's not there to love you. Donald Trump was a strong and ardent constitutionalist, and therefore one of the best presidents. He was not in the business of offering a helping hand in tough times because you're supposed to tough it out.

Gabrielle is a Republican college student in Washington DC who refused to vote for Donald Trump. She wants to see both parties work together.

How was the president's first day?

It was painfully normal and kind of refreshing. It was definitely cool to see Mike Pence go to the inauguration. And it was a big deal - two weeks after the Capitol was attacked - to see the peaceful transition of power. Obviously I would love to have a Republican in control, but Biden's win is an opportunity for the Republican Party to look at itself in the mirror.

What about the those executive orders?

I don't think he did anything crazily drastic yesterday. I'm not opposed to the Paris climate agreement, but it's just a piece of paper; it fails to hold leading polluters, China and India, accountable. I have mixed feelings about suspending the Keystone XL pipeline. If we can get to a point where masks are no longer politicised, then a mask mandate is great, but it doesn't really do anything that has not already happened. A lot of the executive orders were just about symbolism.

Can Biden unify the nation?

I think there's potential for bipartisan agreements but one president cannot fix all the internal division that has been metastasising for about a decade. Unity is more about actions than words. After the Trump administration, a lot of people feel like they are not going to be heard anymore and that's something both parties need to address. The Republican Party needs to ask itself how it can show it is the party for blue-collar workers, Middle America and small business. The Democratic Party needs to ask how it has lost those groups and why so many people don't trust them.

Rom is a Marine Corps veteran and Trump supporter who does not want to see his party go back to the way it was before Trump.

How was Biden's first day?

The one thing that stood out in my mind that he said was, "we have to come together and be unified". This is true, but how do you do it? I didn't see or hear him say anything that's going to unify us from the standpoint of a leader. From my perspective, he's pushing an agenda that does not reflect all Americans.

What about those executive orders?

I don't understand how giving a path to citizenship for 11 million illegals in the country is going to unify us. It's allowing people who have broken our laws to stay here and become citizens when they got here illegally. The problem with the Paris climate accord is that it doesn't hold China and India accountable. The WHO is a worthy organisation in general, but it had a major failure with regard to the pandemic, yet we are re-joining it willy-nilly without addressing the problems associated with it.

Can Biden's unify the nation?

Based on the past 24 hours, not at all. I think it's going to be a third Obama administration. If you're on the right, you feel like you have no voice anymore. The biggest thing President Biden could have said was it's not okay for "Big Tech" to shut down voices on the right because freedom of speech is one of this country's most cherished values. That one comment alone could have made people sit up and listen. I'm not one of those fringe people that say he's not my president or he was elected fraudulently. Democrats have the White House and both houses of Congress, and they've got two years to prove themselves. I'm going to sit back and see where the chips may fall.

Eliana is a professional dancer and a big Trump supporter who is taking a step back from politics after his election defeat.

How was Biden's first day?

I was accepting of it. This is our new president, I'm excited for him and I hope he does a good job. I have completely lost all faith in the legitimacy of our elections - but once the Supreme Court pushed away all the cases, around the end of December, I thought it's more about coming together and doing what's best for all of us, rather than continuing to fight. After the Capitol, it made me more disheartened because politics is a show, it's like a theatre.

What about those executive orders?

If you want an honest answer, some of them are terrifying. It's the left's platform, but it is not a liberal platform. He's doing nothing to mend the gap between us. It's all so disappointing and terrifying. I feel like we're about to watch a huge economic collapse.

Can Biden unify the nation?

Not at all. If he hasn't unified the country in the 47 years he has been in politics, how in the world would he unify us now? Personally, I'm taking a step back when it comes to the national level of politics and keeping it local. I felt so isolated from friends I've had for years when they found out I was a Trump supporter. So I'm looking forward to bridging those gaps, but it's sad because politics should never get in the way of friendships.

Reporting by Sam Cabral.