Woman arrested for church knife attack 'over faux fur boots'

image source, Cleveland Heights Police

A woman has been arrested in Ohio after allegedly stabbing a woman because she was wearing fur-style boots.

Police detained Meredith Lowell, 35, after she allegedly attacked the woman with a knife inside a church.

Police said the victim, who has not been named, is a babysitter for the church who had been dropping children off at choir practice.

The victim sustained three non-life threatening stab wounds, including two to her arms and one to her abdomen.

Cleveland Heights Police described the attack as "random" and "unprovoked" at a news conference on Thursday.

They said the stabbing happened at about 17:20 local time (22:20 GMT) on Wednesday inside Fairmount Presbyterian Church.

Ms Lowell lives nearby, police said, but officials do not believe she is a member of the church.

The boots the victim was wearing on Wednesday were actually faux fur and not a real animal product, police confirmed.

Cleveland Heights Police Chief Annette Mecklenburg praised members of the public for intervening.

"They came to the aid of this victim and putting themselves at risk, they were able to disarm and restrain Ms Lowell until the police were able to arrive," Ms Mecklenburg said.

"They should be commended for their quick actions and helping to prevent further injury to anybody."

Ms Lowell has been charged with attempted murder and felony assault. She is scheduled to next appear in court on Monday.

Officials said she had been arrested for similar crimes in the past including an incident in 2012 when she was charged with attempting to hire a hit man to kill a fur-wearer.

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