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Kamala Harris: Protester grabs microphone from 2020 candidate

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Media captionKamala Harris was about to answer a question on equal pay when the man grabbed her microphone

A leading Democratic candidate in the 2020 election was interrupted on-stage by a protester on Saturday.

Senator Kamala Harris was answering a question on equal pay when a man came and took her microphone from her.

Organisers of the California event she was speaking at have apologised. A number of other 2020 candidates were also in attendance.

The protester has been identified as a 24-year-old animal rights activist named Aidan Cook.

When taking the microphone from Ms Harris, the protester said he wanted her attention for a "much bigger idea" than the gender gap she had been speaking about.

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Image caption Kamala Harris is one of more than 20 candidates running to be the Democratic party's presidential nominee

Social media users have been quick to point out the irony of a man interrupting Ms Harris whilst she was discussing her plans for equality.

A number of people, including the senator's husband, managed to help remove Mr Cook from the stage.

After his removal, Ms Harris returned to the debate and said she was "all good" despite the disruption.

MoveOn, the liberal advocacy group behind the event, have said they "sincerely regret" the security failing.

Ms Harris is one of more than a dozen hopefuls for the Democratic nomination who are in San Francisco for California's Democratic convention.

With a background in law, she is one of six women who have announced their candidacy so far.

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