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Stormy Daniels: Porn star's Trump hush money case thrown out

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image captionMs Daniels says the result is a win for her

A US federal judge has dismissed porn actress Stormy Daniels' lawsuit seeking to annul a hush money agreement she had with President Donald Trump.

The agreement prevented her from discussing an alleged 2006 fling with Mr Trump - but Mr Trump had already agreed not to enforce it.

Mr Trump has denied having an affair with Ms Daniels.

His former lawyer Michael Cohen has said the $130,000 (£100,000) payment was made to help Mr Trump get elected.

Last month Mr Cohen told Congress that Mr Trump had reimbursed him for the payment "as part of a criminal scheme to violate campaign finance laws".

Mr Trump has denied wrongdoing.

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The decision in favour of Mr Trump by Los Angeles Federal Judge James Otero follows the failure of Ms Daniels' defamation case against Mr Trump last year - a case over which Judge Otero also presided.

She had sued the US president after he mocked her claim that a stranger had threatened her to keep quiet.

Ms Daniels said the latest ruling amounted to the end of the non-disclosure agreement.

"More than a year ago when I was being threatened with a 20 million lawsuit, I asked a judge to toss out this illegal NDA. Glad I stood my ground and kept fighting," she said on Twitter.

Her lawyer Michael Avenatti also insisted the result was a win for his client.

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