Police: Concrete thrown from bridge kills US driver

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Image of car with windshield smashed throughImage source, Nashville Police Department
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Police say it appears a concrete block was thrown from a bridge onto the car
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A driver was killed on a highway in Nashville, Tennessee, after a block of concrete smashed into his windshield, hitting him in the face, police say.

Officials believe someone threw the concrete chunk onto the road from a bridge, killing motorist Joe Shelton Jr, 54, as he drove to work on Tuesday.

The case is ongoing and investigators say they do not yet have a description of the person or group responsible.

Several motorists have died as a result of similar incidents in recent years.

Image source, Nashville Police Department
Image caption,
The concrete block hit the driver in the face, causing the car to swerve into another vehicle and the guardrail before stopping

When the concrete block - which officials believe came from a roadway kerb - landed on Mr Shelton's car, it went through the windshield and caused the Nissan to swerve and hit a pickup truck and guardrail.

Last year, five Michigan teenagers were charged with second-degree murder for flinging a 6lb (2.7kg) stone onto a car from a highway overpass, killing a 32-year-old man.