Texas police search for mystery woman ringing doorbell

Image source, Montgomery County Sheriff

Police are searching for a mystery woman - wearing what looked like broken wrist restraints - who was filmed ringing a doorbell in Texas.

The night-caller, apparently barefoot and semi-clothed, was captured on a surveillance camera approaching a home in Montgomery County.

By the time the householder answered, she was gone. The resident reviewed the security footage and sent it to police.

Montgomery County Sheriff is looking into the "suspicious incident".

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is investigating the suspicious incident that occurred in Montgomery, Texas. Please share this post so it can be monitored by law enforcement. If you have any information regarding this or if you know the woman or if yoy are the woman in the pictures please contact us. Lieutenant Scott Spencer Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

Posted by Montgomery County Sheriff's Office on Sunday, August 26, 2018
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The unidentified resident of the home in the community of Sunrise Ranch - 60 miles (96km) north of Houston - told police the doorbell rang at around 03:20am local time.

An unnamed neighbour told ABC News the same woman rang the doorbells of other homes in the area, but had also vanished by the time anyone answered.

In a statement, the sheriff's office said no match had been confirmed between the woman and anyone from missing person reports.

"Deputies and Detectives are reviewing these flyers for any similarities, but as of now none are believed to be the woman in the video," read the statement.

Authorities have conducted a door-to-door search of local homes and businesses and circulated images of the woman on social media.

Image source, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office