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Santa Fe High School shooting: Who are the victims?

A three-part composite image shows a fair-haired teenage boy behind the wheel of car; a smiling dark-haired girl wearing a top with the word Texas printed on it; and another teenage girl with bright red dyed hair in a car seat, with a social media filter placing a virtual flower in her hair

"The sweetest boy I have ever met." "A kind, compassionate and caring individual." "A beautiful nurturing angel."

These are some of the words used to describe victims of a mass shooting at a Texas high school on Friday.

Details of the 10 people who died are still emerging. This is what we know about them so far.

Cynthia Tisdale

Cynthia Tisdale, 64, was a substitute teacher at Santa Fe High School and grandmother of 11.

Family say that she was a "caring" person, who was working two jobs while helping her husband during his treatment for lung cancer.

She worked at the school "not out of necessity but for the love of teaching and helping others," her oldest son Recie Tisdale Sr told KHOU-News.

Her son, a detective who responded to the shooting, learned of his mother's death while investigating the crime scene.

"It was very hard to go from assisting others to being horribly affected by this tragic event," he said.

Her brother-in-law, John Tisdale, said that she was working as a waitress at night to cover medical costs for her husband, who he said is battling an incurable lung disease.

Mr Tisdale shared a note that she wrote before leaving for school on the morning of the shooting, telling local media that the note has now been framed.

It said: "Had to go meet teacher. I love you. Hope you feel better today. Love Mom. Left you breakfast."

Christopher Stone

Image copyright Mercedez Stone

Chris Stone was one of the first names that appeared on social media after the shooting.

Friends of the 17-year-old posted on social media to ask for any information about his whereabouts. Soon some people began to report they had heard Chris had been killed.

His sister Mercedez Stone, 19, told the LA Times "being a brother was his best job".

"Although he was the youngest," she said, "he definitely protected his sisters as if he was the oldest.

"He was always there if someone needed someone to listen or some cheering up."

Logan Pettus said that Chris was his best friend. After his death was announced, he simply tweeted: "I don't know what I'm going to do."

He later put his feelings into words.

Glenda Ann Perkins

When the news came about Chris Stone, it was coupled with another name - Glenda Ann Perkins, known as Ann to her fellow teachers and Ms Perkins to her students.

There was an outpouring of emotion. Some people spoke about how much they cared for her. Some offered condolences to her family. Others simply hoped that the news was not true.

When it was confirmed by the Galveston County district attorney that she had been killed, it prompted further support. A GoFundMe page in her honour says that she died "protecting her students in her last moments".

Jared Black

"We miss him so much. We wish we could see him at least one more time."

These are the words of 11-year-old Nick Black - Jared's half-brother. He wrote in a statement that Jared "loved to play Minecraft on Xbox, play Pokemon Go on his cell phone, and loved art".

According to a GoFundMe page set up for the Black family, family friend Elizabeth McGinnis said Jared's father "sat in misery for 13 hours not knowing if he was one of the victims".

On social media, Jared's friends have shared pictures of him, calling him by the nickname "Spyro".

"Spyro, you sat right behind me," said Chey on Twitter. "I would always listen and laugh at your jokes and comments about your games & super hero movies.

"I'm sorry such an undeserving evil soul took you away from your family & the life you deserve."

Sabika Sheikh

Image copyright Sabika Sheikh Family

The embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC confirmed that exchange student Sabika Sheikh, 18, was among the dead.

She had been on a special study abroad programme set up by the State Department in the aftermath of the 11 September 2001 attacks to bring students from Muslim-majority nations to the US on a cultural exchange.

US Ambassador to Pakistan David Hale wrote on Facebook that he spoke to Sabika's family after her death was confirmed.

"I offered my deepest condolences," he wrote. "As an exchange student, Sabika was a youth ambassador, a bridge between our peoples and cultures.

"All of us at the US Mission in Pakistan are devastated by and mourn her loss. We will honour her memory."

Angelique Ramirez

Angelique Ramirez was a 15-year-old student at Santa Fe High School.

More than $13,000 has been raised in her memory on a GoFundMe page set up by family friend Rebecca Ruiz.

"Angelique was a kind, compassionate and caring individual," Ms. Ruiz wrote. "She brought smiles to those who knew her.

"In losing Angelique, her friends and family lost so much."

Christian Riley Garcia

Image copyright Ashley Fonseca

Christian Riley Garcia, known as Riley, was eulogised by the pastor of his church in Texas.

"Riley, you are greatly loved and greatly missed," the pastor wrote on Facebook.

While his cousin Ashley Fonseca, 21, said her "heart is hurting" after the loss.

Shana Fisher

Shana Fisher turned 16 just 10 days before the attack.

"My beautiful niece has gone to heaven with her classmates," said her aunt Ericha Fisher Farris on Facebook. "Life was not supposed to end like this for our sweet girl.

"She should be worrying about getting her driver's license, making plans for college and what she wants to be when she grows up.

"She should be at home rolling her eyes from fighting with her little sister.

"She should be worrying about young love, and getting her heart broken.

"But our baby will never again be able to do any of these things and more."

The LA Times says it has spoken Shana's mother, who said Shana had "had four months of problems from this boy" - referring to the gunman.

"He kept making advances on her and she repeatedly told him no," the mother Sadie Rodriguez said, adding that her daughter finally stood up to him and embarrassed him in class a week before the shooting.

Kimberly Jessica Vaughan

Rhonda Hart shared this photo of her daughter Kimberly (middle) as she searched for information on her whereabouts.

Kimberly Jessica Vaughan, known as Kim Vaughan, was later confirmed dead by a close family friend on Facebook.

Kim's mother has since written about her support for gun control legislation, while a GoFundMe page in Kim's honour said she was "a senior Girl Scout and loved by many".

Aaron Kyle McLeod

Aaron Kyle McLeod, known as Kyle, was 15 years old.

His friend Kali Reeves called him "outgoing and super sweet".

She said that he was such a light-hearted person, she wondered that if she had called him during the attack he would have "made a joke about him getting shot... he just always looked on the bright side of things".

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