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Steve Jobs: Apple founder's 1973 job application going on sale

Steve Jobs and job application Image copyright Getty/RR Auction
Image caption Steve Jobs' aspirations are shown in 1973 job application

A 1973 job application filled out by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is expected to sell for $50,000 (£36,000).

The questionnaire, filled out by Jobs three years before starting the company that would make him billions, is riddled with spelling errors.

The one-page document shows Jobs' aspirations in technology before breaking into the industry.

He listed his special abilities as "electronics tech or design engineer" and said "yes" he understood computers.

It is not known what the application was for, nor whether Jobs was successful.

He wrote his name as "Steven jobs" and his address as "reed college", the school he attended briefly in Portland, Oregon before dropping out.

On the form, Jobs responded "yes" to having a driving licence but when asked if he had access to a car he wrote "possible, but not probable".

Next to "Phone" the creator of the iPhone wrote "none".

Jobs died of cancer at age 56 in 2011.

The pop culture auction, hosted by RR Auction in Boston, Massachusetts, will be held between 8-15 March.

Other items featured at the auction include:

  • 2001 Mac OS X spiral-bound technical manual signed by Jobs (value: $25,000)
  • 2008 signed newspaper clipping with a photo of Jobs and headline "New, faster iPhone will sell for $199" (value: $15,000)
  • Signed photograph of John Lennon and Yoko Ono taken in 1977 in Tokyo (value: $20,000)
  • 1976 signed poster Bob Marley and The Wailers (value: $15,000)
  • 1969 fingerprint card from Jimi Hendrix's Toronto arrest on drug charges, signed by late musician (value: $15,000)
  • Love letter by late British singer Amy Winehouse to husband Blake Fielder-Civil (value: $4,000)