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Toronto police admit to mocking woman with Down's syndrome

Francie Munoz (centre) with her mother Pamela (right) and sister Yasmine. Image copyright Pamela Munoz
Image caption Francie Munoz (centre) with her mother Pamela (right) and sister Yasmine.

Two Canadian police officers have admitted to mocking a woman with Down's syndrome.

Sasa Sljivo and Matthew Saris pleaded guilty to misconduct at a police tribunal hearing in Toronto.

Pamela Munoz heard them mock her 29-year-old daughter Francie when she obtained dash-camera footage to contest a traffic ticket.

According to the Police Services Act, the penalty for misconduct is suspension or forfeiture of pay.

Mrs Munoz has also filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

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They can be heard on the recording saying there were only "two and a half" people in the car because the "young girl in the back" is a "little disfigured".

Mrs Munoz told the BBC that when she listened to the recording, at first she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"I was livid, I was angry, mamma tiger came out," Mrs Munoz told the BBC in June when she went public with the incident. "I was just extremely upset for Francie, and everyone who is like her."

The officers have since apologised and said their comments were a "lapse in judgement".

Toronto police chief Mark Saunders also personally apologised to the family.

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