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In pictures: Texas battered by Hurricane Harvey

Brad Matheney offers help to a man in a wheelchair in a flooded street in Galveston Image copyright AFP
Image caption Forcecasters are now warning of 'catastrophic flooding'

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas late on Friday local time, arriving with life-threatening winds and the risk of severe flooding.

Gales of up to 130mph (215 km/h) battered the coast.

The hurricane - the worst to hit the US mainland in 13 years - has since been downgraded to a tropical storm, due to decreasing wind speeds, but it is moving slowly.

It has left significant damage, with the town of Rockport one of the worst affected.

Vehicles and buildings were destroyed at the town's airport....

Image copyright AFP were several light planes.

Image copyright AFP

Rockport was directly hit overnight.

The town's mayor had said before the storm hit that anyone staying should write their names and social security numbers on their arms, suggesting they were putting themselves in a high-risk situation.

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Residents in the coastal city of Corpus Christi experienced a citywide power failure overnight on Friday.

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On Saturday, they woke up to deserted streets, and scenes of damage that the storm had caused, including house fires.

But the town was spared the kind of devastation seen in Rockport.

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On Friday, before landfall, the sight of the roiling seas drew curious locals and storm-chasers, though most then moved to places of safety.

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Many people left the city and businesses were boarded up to prevent damage.

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Authorities now warn of "catastrophic" floods in coming days, as torrential rains continue.

High rainfall of more than 10 inches has already been seen in several areas.

There has been flooding in Galveston.

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And Port Lavaca.

Image copyright Reuters

Residents in the city of Houston - the country's fourth-largest city - have been stocking up on essential supplies, leaving supermarket shelves bare.

Authorities warn that in the Houston area, the most severe weather is yet to come.

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Harvey has severely hampered Gulf of Mexico oil production and air travel.

About 45% of US oil refining takes place on the Gulf of Mexico coast

An oil tank was damaged near Seadrift, a city in Calhoun County.

Image copyright Reuters

Images posted by Nasa have revealed what the storm looks like from the space.

This photo was taken by astronaut Jack Fischer, from the International Space Station.

Image copyright AFP/NASA

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