Trump says he misses life before he became US president

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He says he misses driving and going out to restaurants

US President Donald Trump has been talking about his previous life and how surprised he is that his new job at the White House is not less taxing.

He "loved" his old lifestyle because he "had so many things going", the former property mogul told Reuters news agency from his desk in the Oval Office.

"This is more work than in my previous life," he said. "I thought it would be easier."

Mr Trump's comments on being president have been ridiculed on social media, with many quick to share their surprise at his, well, surprise.

It has been more than a century - of days - for Mr Trump and what better time for the president to reflect on his moments in his "own little cocoon", as he put it?

"I do miss my old life," he said.

From some observers, the president, as a former reality TV show host with a "huge" amount to learn in his new job, was displaying honesty in the interview, which was to be encouraged.

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Donald Trump has become the first president since Reagan to address the NRA.
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But for many, the comments revealed a lack of understanding of the challenge of being president.

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Reuters interviewed Mr Trump on Thursday

Some offered Mr Trump advice he may not be eager to follow.

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"I know how Trump feels," one user tweeted. "I also loved my previous life before he was elected."

And then there were those who asked what might make Mr Trump's life even more difficult, such as possible impeachment if Congress one day decides he has conflicts of interest that are too great.

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