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US healthcare bill: Democrats and Republicans tweet responses

US President Donald Trump was forced to withdraw his healthcare bill at the last minute - and Democrats have been quick to rub it in.

New York Congressman Sean Maloney shared a gleeful selfie...

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...while Senator Bob Menendez suggested Republicans had got a taste of their own medicine.

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California congressman Adam Schiff mocked Mr Trump for blaming the Democrats for the bill's failure - despite the Republicans controlling both the House and the Senate.

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Former president Barack Obama's spokesman didn't bother with words - but tweeted an old photo of Mr Obama celebrating.

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But Minnesota congressman and senior Democrat Keith Ellison pointed out that one reason the bill failed was because some Republicans felt it did not roll back enough of Mr Obama's Affordable Care Act.

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Hillary Clinton, who lost the presidential race to Mr Trump, also celebrated, but warned that the fight wasn't over:

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Republicans, for their part, were more sombre on Twitter.

Senator Lindsey Graham had a warning for the happy Democrats:

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Alabama congressman Bradley Byrne said Democrats wouldn't be celebrating after Obamacare fell apart:

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Utah congresswoman Mia Love said she had worked with President Trump to make the bill as good as she could.

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Meanwhile, congressmen Bruce Poliquin and Darrell Issa criticised Obamacare - but said Mr Trump's healthcare bill wasn't the right solution.

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