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The president and the bathrobe

Bathrobe with Trump logo Image copyright Arunulfo Franco/AP

The US president's spokesman has caused a bit of a Twitter storm by claiming Mr Trump does not own a bathrobe.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer accused the New York Times of printing inaccuracies, specifically referring to him watching TV in his bathrobe, saying the paper owed President Trump an apology.

Image copyright @thehill

The president has tweeted his annoyance at what he calls poor reporting: "The failing @nytimes was forced to apologise to its subscribers for the poor reporting it did on my election win. Now they are worse!"

Unsurprisingly, people have taken to social media to contradict Mr Spicer's bathrobe comment with various hashtags popping up, including #BathRobeGate.

Some have even been delving into the presidential bathrobe archives to produce gems such as this from Avi Bueno.

He tweeted a photo of Ronald Reagan in a robe, with the caption: 'Weird to see @seanspicer and @realDonaldTrump getting all defensive about a #bathrobe when their hero wasn't shy about it."

And historian Michael Beschloss tweeted a picture of President Lyndon B Johnson sitting in a robe with advisers on Air Force One in 1966.

Image copyright Obtained by the Daily Mail

John Aravosis, editor of @AMERICAblog, was quick to post three photos of Donald Trump wearing a bathrobe, which had featured in a November Daily Mail article about a trove of Trump memorabilia being found in a US thrift shop.

Image copyright @JustWhatNowWhy

Considering the Trump Organisation lists 37 properties, including 15 hotels, on its website, many posters are assuming that a bathrobe or two may have been worn in the Trump household.

Various robes bearing the Trump brand have been posted on social media, including this picture of American actor Mike Rowe.

He tweeted a photo in August 2016 of a bathrobe autographed by Mr Trump, along with a video in which Mike says he wore the robe "briefly".

Image copyright Mike Rowe

There were a few robe-wearing alternatives, such as Evie the Cat, the UK Cabinet Office feline who posted this about the 10 Downing Street cat, Larry.

Image copyright @HMCabinetCat

And with a clever bit of editing, some have posted gifs of the president holding up a drawing of a bathrobe.

Image copyright

Even @TrumpBathrobe, a twitter account set up in 2015 and inactive since September 2016, has reawakened amidst this robing furore.

Similar posts are appearing on Facebook under #bathrobegate, although not everyone is impressed:

Image copyright Babak Khiavchi

Compiled by Sherie Ryder, BBC UGC and Social News team.

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