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Two year old rescues twin brother from fallen dresser

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Media captionTwo-year-old saves twin brother from falling furniture

It's every parent's nightmare - but thanks to the quick thinking of a two-year-old child there was a happy ending.

In footage that has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube, two young twin boys from Utah, US, can be seen climbing on a chest of drawers in their bedroom, playing happily.

Moments later, the chest of drawers falls, trapping one of the boys, Brock, underneath the upended dresser.

As he struggles under the weight of the furniture, his brother Bowdy weighs up how to free him. Fortunately, after some deliberation, he is able to push the chest of drawers off his twin.

The boys' parents, Ricky and Kayli Shoff, say they were hesitant about sharing the video, but did so "in order to spread awareness to other families".

And they say that all parents should be alerted to the dangers of unsecured furniture.

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Image caption Ricky and Kayli Shoff, pictured with their three sons, have released the video to alert other parents to the dangers of unsecured furniture.

Speaking to CBS News, Kayli and Ricky Shoff said they did not hear the furniture falling and only realised the full extent of the situation when they saw footage from the video camera in their sons' room.

"My heart sank," Kayli said. "I felt like the worst mom in the world."

The chest of drawers has now been bolted to the wall and the handles removed from the drawers to prevent the boys from climbing on them.

"I think physically, you can't child-proof your house a hundred percent," Kayli told CBS News.

"I can do this one thing to make my home a little more safe for my children."

This is not the first time that the dangers posed to children by unsecured furniture have been highlighted.

Last year, Ikea agreed to pay $50m (£40m) to the families of three toddlers killed by falling chests of drawers in the US. Millions of chests of drawers were recalled by the Swedish firm.

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