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US driver shot after hit-and-run rampage

police scene Image copyright ABC
Image caption Police do not know why the Hummer (right) stopped before the driver allegedly attempted to carjack the white Porshe.

A man driving a Hummer truck led police on a wild chase as he ploughed into at least eight cars before being shot by a passenger in a Porsche.

The driver was attempting to carjack the sports car when he was shot in the stomach, police say.

Atlanta police are currently tallying the total damage that the man caused to determine how to charge him.

Police have not yet released his identity but said he was conscious and alert when arrested.

Atlanta police spokesman Donald Hannah said officers are testing the man for intoxicants and are trying to determine what motivated the hit-and-run rampage.

"It's very bizarre considering all things involved," Mr Hannah told WSB-TV.

Image copyright ABC
Image caption Officers search the black Hummer

The chase began in the upscale Buckhead neighbourhood of Atlanta around 10:00 local time (15:00 GMT), police say.

It ended minutes later in midtown Atlanta when the man leapt out from the black Hummer and allegedly attempted to carjack the Porsche.

As the suspect was speaking to the driver, a passenger shot him in the stomach.

Police officers who had been following the man's car deployed stun guns at the same time he was shot, Mr Hannah said.

He was taken to hospital where he is recovering.

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