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Florida boy calls emergency number to invite police to Thanksgiving

Young Billy sits in the patrol car on Thanksgiving day. Image copyright Walton County Sheriff
Image caption Young Billy melted hearts and got to sit in a patrol car on Thanksgiving day

Emergency call dispatchers in northern Florida received a call from a young boy inviting police to his family's Thanksgiving dinner.

Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson said the call on Thursday from young Billy had "melted all [our] hearts".

"While we do not encourage this use of 911... we are so honoured at the invitation," Mr Adkinson said in a Facebook post.

Thanks to his phone call, two sheriffs paid Billy "a special visit".

The officers also brought him a sheriff's badge and allowed him sit in their patrol car.

A spokeswoman for the sheriff's office, Monica Webster, said: "With all the bad calls we take on a daily basis this one was a welcomed happy call that made all of us smile,"

Mr Adkinson thanked Billy for "making all of our days here" saying the gesture reminded him to "love what matters".

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Image copyright Walton County Sheriff
Image caption The boy was given a sheriff's badge after being paid a special visit

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