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Canadians want more done to curb abuse on social media

Teenage cyberbullying. 16-year-old girl who has been upset by an insulting text message Image copyright AJ PHOTO/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY
Image caption Younger Canadians are more likely to report they've been harassed online

Despite being targeted just as often as women online, young Canadian men take a more live and let live attitude towards social media harassment.

A new poll indicates significant splits in gender and age when it comes to where Canadians draw the line at offensive behaviour.

And more frequent users are less easily shocked by online abuse.

From Twitter to Facebook, social media companies are under growing pressure to tackle online abuse.

In May, Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey told the BBC that addressing abuse on the platform was a priority.

Critics have accused Twitter for years of failing to be proactive in addressing harassment and uncivil behaviour on its platform.

In a new survey, the Angus Reid Institute looked into Canadian attitudes towards social media misbehaviour.

A quarter of Canadians reported being subjected to behaviour from the mean to the extreme - from unwelcome comments to violent tthreats and sexual harassment.

The more often someone used social media, the more likely they were to become targets of abuse.

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Image caption So-called social media 'super users' are more likely to report online harassment

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