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Chicago pensioner shot by robbers while watering lawn

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Media captionPensioner shot while watering lawn

A 71 year-old Chicago man has been shot and robbed in broad daylight while watering his front lawn.

A neighbour's surveillance camera captured footage of Federico LaGuardia being targeted by two attackers in the Marquette Park neighbourhood.

Mr LaGuardia was able to walk to a neighbour's house for help. He has undergone surgery and is in a fair condition, say police.

A $1,000 (£750) reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest.

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Media captionLife and death on the lost streets of Chicago

Police say two male suspects on bicycles approached Mr LaGuardia outside his home at about 11:00am on Tuesday.

One suspect demanded money, and when Mr LaGuardia refused, the assailant shoved the pensioner to the ground and shot him in the abdomen.

The robber then searched Mr LaGuardia's pockets and took his wallet.

The shooting has shocked a city that is well used to gun violence.

Willie Askew, whose surveillance camera filmed the attack, told the Chicago Tribune: "It's a damn shame."

There have been 500 murders in Chicago this year alone.

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