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Orlando nightclub shooting: Who were the victims?

People build a makeshift memorial on the steps of City Hall during a vigil for the worst mass shooing in United States history in Los Angeles, 13 June Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption The victims are being remembered across America, like here in Los Angeles

All 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, have been identified by US authorities.

They were aged between 18 and 50.

Family and friends have been paying tribute and sharing their stories.

Juan Ramon Guerrero and Christopher Andrew Leinonen

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Image caption Juan Ramon Guerrero (left) and Christopher Andrew Leinonen (right) were planning to get married

Juan Ramon Guerrero, 22, and his 32-year-old boyfriend Christopher Andrew Leinonen had been together for two years and were planning to get married, according to family members.

Now, they will have a joint funeral, Time magazine reports.

Mr Guerrero worked as a telemarketer and had recently started college at the University of Central Florida. He died at a local hospital on Sunday.

His cousin, Robert Guerrero, said he had been an "amazing person", more likely to stay at home to care for his nieces and nephews than to go out partying.

Mr Leinonen, known was "Drew", was confirmed dead on Monday.

He was an LGBT campaigner from high school and won an Anne Frank Humanitarian Award for his work, his mother Christine Leinonen said.

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Eddie Jamoldroy Justice

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Image caption Eddie Justice tried to hide from the gunman

The 30-year-old sent his mother a series of desperate text messages while inside the club.

One of his cousins, Millie Ortiz, said he could "walk in and the room would light up".

She said he had been a "gentle soul" who would "give you the shirt off his back" and was "very upfront and outspoken and lived life to the fullest without any regrets".

'I'm gonna die': Victim's texts to mother as gunman came

Amanda Alvear

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The 25-year-old is reported to have posted a video from inside Pulse in which gunfire from the attack is audible.

The Snapchat clips show Ms Alvear with her friends before the sound of gunfire begins.

Paying tribute, family members told the Orlando Sentinel that she loved fashion and had infectious enthusiasm.

"People got caught in her wake," her brother Brian Alvear said. "Whatever she was doing, that's what they were going to do and have fun doing it."

He told the newspaper she went to gay and lesbian clubs because they were fun and she felt able to be herself there.

"She wouldn't want anyone to spread hate for her," he said. "She'd rather they spread more love."

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Mercedez Marisol Flores

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Ms Flores, 26, was with Ms Alvear at Pulse, reports said. She worked in retail and was originally from New York, according to her Facebook profile.

Luis Vielma

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The 22-year-old worked on the Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios, according to author JK Rowling, who paid tribute to him on her Twitter account.

Friends told the Orlando Sentinel Mr Vielma had been a "true friend" who had hoped to become an emergency medical technician.

One, Olga Glomba, described him as "a funny, sweet, nerdy guy without a mean side. He just wanted to make people smile".

Stanley Almodovar III

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The pharmacy technician, 23, from Clermont, near Orlando, had posted a Snapchat video of himself singing and dancing in the nightclub moments before he was killed.

His mother Rosalie Ramos told the Orlando Sentinel newspaper she wished she had the video to "remember him forever". Videos on the social media platform delete automatically after being watched.

Mr Almodovar's Aunt Yoly said a young woman who was with him in Pulse had told her he had come out of the toilets during gunfire and had pushed people out of the way of the bullets.

A friend, Hazel Ramirez, described Mr Almodovar as "kind, but sassy", someone who was comfortable with his own sexual identity.

"He was so proud of who he was," she told the Washington Post newspaper. "He would do his makeup better than anyone else. It was so easy to be myself with him."

Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo

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At 20 years of age, Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo was among the youngest victims.

He described himself as a dancer on his Facebook account and had added a red, white and blue filter to his profile photo after the terror attacks in Paris last November.

A former teacher described him as a "ray of sunshine", the Daily Beast reports.

Edward Sotomayor Jr

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The 34-year-old was a brand manager at a gay travel company. He lived in Sarasota, Florida, and was described by his cousin as a caring and energetic man who often travelled to promote his company's events.

"He was just always part of the fun," David Sotomayor said.

He had gone to the club with his partner, who was outside, putting something in a car, when the attack started, his boss Al Ferguson told Reuters news agency.

The partner got a text from Mr Sotomayor saying he was safe in the toilet and telling him not to come back into the club.

Some 20 minutes later he sent another message, saying he was OK. That was the last time his partner heard from him, Mr Ferguson was quoted as saying.

Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera

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Originally from Puerto Rico, the 36-year-old had moved to Florida for a better life and was working as a merchandise manager.

He was said by a former housemate to have "sacrificed himself a lot for his family".

"Eric was always willing to help everybody," Abismel Colon Gomez told the Orlando Sentinel. "He loved his brother and he was always being generous."

Peter O Gonzalez-Cruz

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Originally from South Africa, the 22-year-old who was also known as Peter Ommy, had worked for logistics company UPS in Orlando after graduating from high school in New Jersey.

His cousins paid tribute to him on social media. One wrote "Rest in peace to my wonderful cousin". Another said "May you rest easy in Heaven".

Jean Carlos Mendez Perez

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The 35-year-old was at Pulse with his boyfriend, Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon, who was also killed, according to My pulse still beats, a page set up on Facebook paying tribute to the victims.

Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon

Image copyright Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon

When the 37-year-old moved from Puerto Rico to Florida he could barely speak English, a cousin told the Associated Press news agency. He had met Mr Perez at the perfume shop where his partner used to work.

Both are said to have been regular visitors to Pulse.

Kimberly Morris

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The 37-year-old had worked at Pulse as a bouncer. She had only recently moved to Florida from Hawaii to help take care of her mother and grandmother.

Friends paid tribute to her.

"She was the most loving person," one friend told the Honolulu Star Advertiser.

"She never had a bad thing to say about anyone. If you came to her after a bad day, she'd find some way to cheer you up."

Ms Morris had also previously lived in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she worked at the gay club Divas as a drag performer and bouncer.

"We will always remember her smile and her amazing way she lit up the stage in her performances," the club said on its Facebook page.

Leroy Valentin Fernandez

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The 25-year-old had recently found a job as a leasing agent for an Orlando apartment complex, friends said.

Mr Fernandez was reportedly dating Xavier Emmanuel Serrano Rosado, also killed in the attack.

Xavier Emmanuel Serrano Rosado

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The 35-year-old worked for Disney Live! and was the father of a young boy, according to a Facebook page in his memory.

Jimmy DeJesus Velazquez

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The 50-year-old was a professional Puerto Rican folk dancer who had travelled the world through his work, Orlando Weekly reports.

He was with at least two friends at Pulse, a female friend told the publication. They told her they had thought the sound of shooting was part of the music until they saw people fall down. They tried to grab Mr Velazquez but he and others were pushed up against a wall by the gunman, who then began shooting at the group.

Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala

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The 33-year-old was a biologics assistant at the OneBlood donation centre. According to a Facebook page remembering him, he used to live in Kissimmee, Florida.

Angel L Candelario-Padro

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The 28-year-old from Porto Rico worked as an ophthalmic technician at the Florida Retina Institute, according to his Facebook page.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that he started at the job just days before the attack.

Tevin Eugene Crosby

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Friends said the 25-year-old from Statesville, North Carolina, was a hard worker, and his Facebook profile carried many posts about entrepreneurship and motivation.

Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez

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His Facebook page says he studied health care management at Ana G Mendez University's Orlando campus. The 25-year-old was from Puerto Rico.

Javier Jorge-Reyes

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Friends of the 40-year-old said he was a "good friend" with a "beautiful soul" on his Facebook page, in which he used the English translation of his name. He was from Puerto Rico and worked at Gucci.

Enrique L Rios Jr

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The 25-year-old lived in New York and had gone to Orlando to celebrate a friend's birthday, the Orlando Sentinel says.

His Facebook profile says he was a social worker and shows tributes from friends who describe him as a "happy" and funny person.

Oscar A Aracena-Montero, 26

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Antonio Davon Brown, 29

Image copyright AP

Darryl Roman Burt II, 29

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Luis Daniel Conde, 39

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Anthony Luis Laureano Disla, 25

Image copyright Reuters

Simon Adrian Carrillo Fernandez, 31

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Frank Hernandez, 27

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Miguel Angel Honorato, 30

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Jason Benjamin Josaphat, 19

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Christopher Joseph Sanfeliz, 24

Image copyright Reuters

Shane Evan Tomlinson, 33

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Martin Benitez Torres, 33

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Jonathan Antonio Camuy Vega, 24

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Juan P Rivera Velazquez, 37

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Other victims

Cory James Connell, 21

Deonka Deidra Drayton, 32

Paul Terrell Henry, 41

Geraldo A Ortiz-Jimenez, 25

Alejandro Barrios Martinez, 21

Juan Chevez-Martinez, 25

Brenda Lee Marquez McCool, 49

Akyra Monet Murray, 18

Joel Rayon Paniagua, 32

Jean C Nives Rodriguez, 27

Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan, 24

Jeraldo Arthur Wright, 31