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Police helicopter sent for US governor’s lost wallet

Robert Bentley Image copyright AP
Image caption Mr Bentley has said he did not do anything illegal

A police helicopter was used to retrieve the lost wallet of the Alabama governor, at a reported cost to taxpayers of $4,000 (£2,800).

In late 2014, Robert Bentley left Tuscaloosa for his beach home five hours' drive away, but left his wallet.

He then asked his security to deliver it, a trip completed via state police helicopter, according to flight logs.

Mr Bentley, who is facing calls to resign over a sex scandal, said he never asked for a helicopter.

"I requested they deliver my wallet, I didn't know how they were going to do it," the governor told "I did not request that a helicopter was used.

"You have to have your wallet for security reasons. I'm the governor. And I had to have money. I had to buy something to eat. You have to have identification." said using the state helicopter to retrieve his wallet cost Alabama taxpayers about $4,000 (£2,800).

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency chiefs have differing stories about the helicopter incident.

One said he had permission to use the helicopter from the governor's former bodyguard.

Another said he was never told about the wallet and did not approve use of the helicopter.

On Tuesday, state lawmakers made initial steps to impeach Mr Bentley over an alleged sex scandal with an aide.

State representative Ed Henry told NBC News Mr Bentley "betrayed the trust of the people of Alabama" and that "if he truly loves the people of the state, he will step down".

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