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Canadian twin brothers killed in bobsled accident

Evan and Jordan Caldwell Image copyright Courtesy of the Caldwell family
Image caption Evan (left) and Jordan Caldwell were killed in the accident

Canadian authorities have identified the teenage twin brothers who were killed over the weekend in a toboggan accident in Calgary.

Evan and Jordan Caldwell, 17, were killed and six other teens were injured after they rode toboggan down a bobsled track at Canada Olympic Park.

The teens had sneaked into the park after it had closed, police said.

As their toboggan sped down the track, the teens crashed into a gate that separated the luge and bobsled tracks.

The twins were pronounced dead at the scene and the others were treated at hospital.

"Our boys Jordan and Evan were bright lights to all who knew them. We are grieving their loss but confident in their new home of heaven. Our brief 17 years with them were a gift: filled with much love, laughter and fond memories," the Caldwell family said in a statement.

"They leave a huge void and will be sorely missed."

Image copyright AP
Image caption The accident happened where the luge and bobsled converge at Canada Olympic Park

WinSport, the operators of the park, which hosted events during the 1988 Winter Olympics, told the CBC that the company was reviewing security camera footage to determine how the accident happened.

WinSport president and CEO Barry Heck called the park's security "robust" and refuted claims made on social media that teens frequently sneak into the park after hours.

"I've heard of incidents of people coming into the park," Mr Heck told the CBC. "I do not know of any incidents of anyone being on the sliding track."

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