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Throne speech pledges 'smart and caring' Canada

Governor General David Johnston and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Justin Trudeau (right) with the Queen's representative in Canada, Governor General David Johnston

Canada's new Liberal government has promised that the country will be "smart and caring" while promising tax cuts for the middle class and a commitment to peace.

The government also promised a better relationship with indigenous peoples under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

That relationship will be based on "rights and respect".

The new government's legislative agenda was delivered in a speech in parliament by Governor General David Johnston.

Mr Johnston, the Queen's representative in Canada, said the country will have a better future by being "smart and caring on a scale as never before".

"The times we live in demand nothing less," he said.

The speech improved education for First Nations children and a government investigation into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau won a parliamentary majority in a general election on 19 October.

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The speech, known as the throne speech, called for many Liberal campaign platform ideas, such as government process reforms, investing in clean energy, fighting climate change, enhancing pension plans, the legalisation and regulation of marijuana sales and removing weapons from the streets.

Under the Liberal government, more investments will be made in public transit, green infrastructure and social infrastructure as well.

The Liberal government will renew its commitment to United Nations peacekeeping and work with allies to fight terrorism, said Mr Johnston.

Canada is "fundamentally a safe and peaceful country" and the government will work to keep Canadians it that way, he said.

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