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'Unruly' passenger tries to open exit door on BA flight

A Boeing 777-200 British Airways plane Image copyright PA
Image caption The flight landed safely in Boston

An "unruly" passenger on a Boston-bound British Airways flight has been arrested after she tried to force open an exit door mid-air.

An airline spokesman told the BBC that reports of a passenger trying to access the cockpit were incorrect and they were not particularly concerned.

Police met the plane upon landing at Boston's Logan Airport on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old woman was restrained by the crew during the flight, the FAA said.

The six-and-half-hour Flight BA 213 originated from London's Heathrow Airport.

British Airways officials said they believe the woman was intoxicated and they did not believe the incident was related to terrorism.

"We do not tolerate abusive behaviour," a statement said.

Earlier on Tuesday, four passengers were removed from a Baltimore to Chicago flight because of "suspicious behaviour".

The incidents come as authorities have been put on heightened alert after devastating gun and suicide attacks killed at least 129 people in Paris.