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US 'kidnapper' arrested in Mexico after 24 years on run

Paul Erven Jackson Image copyright AP

A man wanted on suspicion of kidnapping and torturing two women in Oregon has been arrested in Mexico after more than 24 years on the run.

Paul Erven Jackson, 45, was arrested by Mexican immigration authorities at a hotel in Guadalajara, where he had been living and working under a new name.

After featuring on CNN's The Hunt, a viewer provided a tip-off to police which led to his arrest.

He and his brother kidnapped and abused two prostitutes, police say.

Mr Jackson and his older brother, Vance Roberts, were arrested in 1990, but a year later disappeared after they were bailed out of prison by their mother.

Roberts gave himself up to police in 2006 and was sentenced to 108 years in prison for kidnap, rape, sodomy and sexual abuse.

His brother, who has also featured several times on America's Most Wanted, is now behind bars in Los Angeles as he awaits charges.

"We always follow up with everything we get and this one turned out to be it, so we're very happy," said Deputy US Marshal Eric Wahlstrom.

Mr Jackson was living in Mexico under the name Paul Bennett Hamilton, Mr Wahlstrom said. No further details about his life there were disclosed.

His first alleged victim was a 20-year-old who was kidnapped in 1988 and then driven to his brother's home west of Portland.

She said at the trial of Vance Roberts that she was sexually abused for a week, chained to a bed and treated like a sex slave.

Two years later, the brothers allegedly struck again. But the second victim, 17, escaped her handcuffs and jumped through the window of Roberts' home, before reporting the men to police.

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