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Ferguson decision: Darren Wilson's testimony

A protester displays a placard depicting 18-year-old Michael Brown on 24 November 2014 Image copyright AFP

The St Louis County prosecutor's office has released the full grand jury report after its decision not to charge Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

The 12-person jury heard more than 70 hours of testimony from about 60 witnesses, many giving conflicting statements.

Here are extracts from various testimonies:

Police officer Darren Wilson

Mr Wilson said he had initially encountered Mr Brown and a friend walking in a road and told them to move to the pavement, drawing an expletive from Mr Brown.

Mr Wilson said he noticed Mr Brown had a handful of cigars. "And that's when it clicked" for him, he said, that the men were suspects in a theft at a convenience store reported minutes earlier.

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Image caption Prosecutors released this photo of injuries sustained by Mr Wilson

He asked a dispatcher to send additional officers, then reversed his vehicle so that it was in front of Mr Brown and his friend.

As he tried to open the door, Mr Brown slammed it shut. Mr Wilson said he pushed Mr Brown with the door and Mr Brown hit him in the face.

He drew his gun and threatened to shoot if Mr Brown didn't move back, fearing another punch to the face could "knock me out or worse".

Mr Brown immediately grabbed Mr Wilson's gun and said: "You are too much of a pussy to shoot me." The officer said he thought he was going to be shot when Mr Brown dug the gun into his hip.

Mr Wilson said he managed to pull the trigger and the gun "clicked" twice without firing, before a shot went through the police car door.

Mr Wilson said Mr Brown stepped back and then looked at him with the "most intense, aggressive face".

"The only way I can describe it, it looks like a demon, that's how angry he looked. He comes back towards me again with his hands up."

Mr Wilson said he covered his face and fired the gun again, firing two shots in the car before Mr Brown ran off and he followed him.

When Mr Brown stopped, Mr Wilson told him to get on the ground. He said he fired a series of shots when Mr Brown kept coming towards him and put his right hand under his shirt in the waistband of his trousers.

He said he fired another round of shots as Mr Brown continued to gain on him, approaching as if he was going to tackle him.

Read more of Darren Wilson's testimony (Warning: Explicit language)

Michael Brown's friend: Dorian Johnson

Mr Johnson said he was stunned when Mr Brown stole cigarillos from the store and expected to be arrested while they were walking home.

Mr Wilson drove on after originally telling them to get on the pavement, reversing his vehicle and coming back at the pair after they ignored his demand.

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Image caption Dorian Johnson said he thought the pair would be arrested

"After he pulled back, there was no more sidewalk talk, it was nothing, it was just anger."

He said Mr Wilson had opened his door suddenly, striking Mr Brown, then closed the door and grabbed Mr Brown by the neck. He said the two men engaged in a "tug of war", each holding on to the other's shirt and arms.

As the two wrestled, Mr Johnson said he heard Mr Wilson say: "I'll shoot." He said he never saw Mr Brown punch Mr Wilson and did not think he grabbed the officer's gun.

Mr Johnson described being in shock as he realised the situation was getting out of control.

"At the time I couldn't open my mouth. I couldn't speak.. I can see and hear the cuss words. I can see the frowns on their faces getting more intense."

After the initial shots were fired, Mr Johnson said he and Mr Brown ran off. After Mr Wilson shot again, he said Mr Brown stopped running and turned to face the officer.

"At that time Big Mike's hands was up, but not so much in the air because he had been struck... he said I don't have a gun but he's still mad, he still has his angry face. I don't have a gun... And before he can say the second sentence or before he can even get it out, that's when several more shots came."

Mr Johnson was asked if Mr Brown ran at the officer prior to the fatal volley. He insisted he did not.

Unnamed witness 1

He was working in a nearby building and saw Mr Brown leaning through the police car window and "some sort of confrontation was taking place".

He said a shot rang out and Mr Brown fled as the officer chased him with his gun drawn.

The witness said Mr Brown stopped and turned but never raised his hands. He said Mr Brown "ran towards the officer full charge". The officer then fired several shots but Mr Brown kept rushing toward him.

Unnamed witness 2

She and her husband were visiting a nearby apartment complex when they saw the shooting.

She said after the first two shots were fired, Mr Brown began running from Mr Wilson's vehicle but stopped, turned around and started heading toward Mr Wilson, who shot at him.

When asked if it appeared Mr Brown was approaching Mr Wilson in a threatening manner, she said: "No, he wasn't... I think he was stunned."

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